During the summer, many regions across the United States face record-breaking temperatures. Many states in the Southwest are especially vulnerable to blistering heat. Residents of Arizona face some of the biggest heat waves, with temperatures rising well into the 90s and above.

Arizona’s desert climate requires a different approach to combating a heat wave. Read on to learn more about some money-saving tips on keeping your home cool.

Use Your AC

When it gets too hot, the first thing you should do is turn on your AC. If you don’t have central air or need a new AC unit, make sure you choose a size that’s good for your home. For example, an air conditioner that’s 1.5 tons does well for a home that’s 600-1,000 square feet. A 2-ton air conditioner is best for a living space of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. In short, the bigger your house, the greater the tonnage needed to keep it cool.

Have Routine AC Maintenance Scheduled

If you want to save money on utility costs and expensive repairs, have routine maintenance done on your air conditioner. You can start with basic tasks, such as changing the filter and wiping down dirt and debris. These routine tasks will keep your AC running at an ideal temperature.

Another item to keep an eye out for is the condensate drain line, which redirects water and moisture out of your AC. When it gets clogged, the condensate drain line becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew, both of which damage ductwork and insulation. An annual inspection and cleaning should keep your AC working fine.

Another item on your annual maintenance list should be your evaporator coils. Like your filters, they collect dirt over time, which blocks them from absorbing heat as part of the healing process. Consequently, your condenser fan works overtime, only to produce insufficient cooling for your home.

Insulate Your Home

If you want an effective way to keep cool despite the desert heat, try insulating your home. Check the weather strips on your doors because they keep the cool in while blocking the heat. Proper insulation helps your AC keep your home cool. Make sure that it is updated so that you can save on your utility bill. Doing so helps you keep your Arizona home cool during the summer.

Use Your Fans

Fans are an excellent companion to an air conditioner because they help distribute cool air throughout your home. An oscillating fan distributes cold air over a greater area of your home by moving from side to side. The airflow moves from the blades and creates a cooling effect in your home.

Ceiling fans are another great way to distribute air conditioning throughout your home. The best way to achieve this is by running them counter-clockwise during the hotter months and with the fan blades moving forward. This helps push the air downward. They use a lot less power than an AC unit, which will save you money on your energy bill.

Paint the Outside of Your Home Using Light Colors

Dark colors attract a lot of heat, so using them to paint the exterior of your home is a bad idea, especially if you live in the desert. In fact, dark colors absorb all wavelengths of light and convert them to heat, which raises temperatures. Light colors, on the other hand, keep the heat out by reflecting light and heat rather than attracting it.

Add Awnings to Your Exterior

Another way to keep your home cool at a reduced cost is to add awnings to the exterior. They work very well with shades because both can reduce heat by up to 77% in desert regions. This decreases your AC use exponentially and reduces your energy costs. It also makes the desert heat a lot less daunting during the day.

Plant More Trees Around Your Property

Did you know that planting trees helps the environment? Trees are good for that and many other things. They help us breathe better by absorbing the carbon dioxide we emit when we breathe out. In turn, they convert it back into oxygen, which helps us breathe.

Trees offer other uses for our home. Take shade trees, for example. They provide enough vital shade for your home that they can almost replace an air conditioner.

How you place your trees can make a difference. A good standard for tree planting is either 40 feet from the south part or 60 feet away from the west side of your home. Either way, you’ll be able to decrease temperatures and boost indoor comfort without as much AC use.

You can maximize the cooling effect by adding vines to shade your exterior walls. They help reduce heat in half by blocking out the sun’s rays.

Try Attic Fans

While the Arizona summer heat continues to smother many homes, finding alternative solutions becomes even more vital. Running your AC constantly on high can wear out your unit and cost you more money. Thankfully, there is another solution, and that’s attic fans. This special ventilation system is designed to moderate your temperatures by removing hot air and bringing in cold air. These fans work best in your attic, where most of the heat comes in.

There are several perks to using attic fans. They decrease dependence on your air conditioner by directing heat out of your attic and away from your home. This prevents hot air from sneaking into your living space through your attic and ventilation systems. Another perk is that they increase energy efficiency by reducing heat buildup in your attic.

Excessive heat in your attic can damage roofing materials and shorten your roof’s lifespan. Attic fans are excellent prevention against this problem because they keep the heat at bay. They also guard against mold and mildew by keeping excess moisture out.

The heat that enters your home will rise, which is why the upper rooms are the hottest areas. Because they provide optimal ventilation, attic fans offer enhanced comfort to battle a desert summer.

Exploring alternative cooling methods for your Arizona home will give you comfort and peace of mind. You’ll save a lot of money on utilities and air conditioning repairs without sacrificing relief from the heat. Whether it’s using fans, planting trees, or painting your exterior with lighter colors, there are ways you can save money and still have an energy-efficient cooling system for your home.

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