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No other HVAC system offers as much value for your dollar as a heat pump. They have the best rebates, the best energy savings, and the most convenience (heating AND cooling!) Air Control Home Services loves helping Mohave County residents find the perfect heat pump for their home. We install thousands of these systems every year and offer the best service in town along with the longest lasting labor warranties!

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    Ready to schedule service? We make it easy to do so either online or over the phone at (928) 680‑0600.

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    A friendly team member will reach out and confirm your appointment date. Have questions? We’re happy to answer them during the call.

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    When your estimate date arrives, feel free to go about the day as normal. We update you on your electrician’s whereabouts via phone call. Your licensed professional will also call when they’re on the way.

Our Estimate Price: FREE

Air Control Home Services will send a Project Manager to your home, free of charge, to learn more about your heat pump needs. We’ll also size your new heat pump and showcase our top three potential replacement options from top brands like Trane, Bosch, and Lennox.

Need a second opinion on a replacement? We can help with that. Second opinions and replacement estimates are always free at Air Control Home Services.

What Does a Heat Pump Installation Cost in Lake Havasu City?

  • Low: $7,500
  • Average: $9,500
  • High: $13,500

Looking for a split heat pump system?

A split heat pump system starts at $12,000. Call us to schedule your free estimate today or try our new instant estimator for immediate pricing on a split or package heat pump system.

What makes our estimate better than the rest?

  • We Do Our Homework

  • We Give You Options

  • 3k+

    We Know Our Stuff

Zach was very professional. I would highly recommend their services to all my friends and family.

—Sylvia R.

The Best Value for Your Heat Pump Installation, Guaranteed

  • Highly-trained install teams
  • Financing assistance available
  • We find ALL possible rebates
  • Clean homes, no mess left behind

Customer Testimonial

We are Mohave County’s most reputable service company!

From start to finish Air Control systems personnel were very professional. The two young men that installed my unit we’re very polite and professional and did a great job thank you. I would use this company again.

—John R.

Enjoy Peace-of-Mind After Your Installation

100%Satisfaction Guarantee

Want even more home service protection? Join the Comfort Club!

Home service repairs, maintenance, system replacements. It all adds up as the years go by. The good news is you can keep those costs under control by joining the Comfort Club! The Comfort Club includes annual maintenance visits (cooling, heating, plumbing, and electrical) while also offering some amazing member-only benefits, including:

  • Priority service
  • Waived overtime fees
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Discounts on repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pump systems offer numerous benefits for both heating and cooling your home. They are highly energy-efficient, providing cost savings on utility bills compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps are versatile and can both heat and cool your home, providing year-round comfort. They offer consistent and even temperature control throughout your living space. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly, as they use electricity to transfer heat instead of burning fossil fuels. They also provide excellent dehumidification capabilities, improving indoor air quality. By installing a heat pump system, you can enjoy enhanced comfort, energy savings, and environmental sustainability.

On average, heat pump installations take about a day. Sometimes a bit less. If we’re talking about the entire process, from estimate to installation, it’s about two days (this is true for Air Control Home Services. Other companies can take as much as a week!) If you’d like to get an idea of how long your installation will take, give us a call. We’ll send someone out right away.

On average, a well-maintained heat pump system can have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Some can last much longer! When your system is nice and new, it’s protected by both part and labor warranties. But these won’t last forever. The good news is Air Control Home Services provides some of the longest-lasting labor warranties in Lake Havasu City and the Mohave County communities, typically ranging from 1 to 2 years, depending on the system installed. Additionally, we offer the option to purchase extended warranties that can cover both parts and labor for up to 10 years. These warranties ensure that in the unlikely event of any issues, our dedicated team will provide the necessary support and repairs to maintain the optimal performance of your heat pump.

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