Basic maintenance of the air conditioner is necessary during the summer season. This is important to ensure that the cooling device works without any problem. There is nothing more frustrating than an emergency breakdown of the air conditioner, especially in the middle of a particularly hot day. In order to ensure a trouble-free summer season, you should consider going through the checklist mentioned here regarding summer air conditioner maintenance. Check the Outdoor Unit You should inspect the outdoor unit and check the panels. The panel that covers electrical connections protects the system and also reduces the risk of an electric shock. Sometimes the panel becomes misaligned or blown away due to high wind. If this is the case, you should get a professional AC repair technician to resolve the issue. Operating the equipment when the panel is missing can be dangerous both for the system and you. Listen for Unwanted Noises If you hear strange noises coming from the air conditioners’ indoor or outdoor unit, this indicates a problem with the system. The noise can be due to simple reasons such as loose screws or it could be due to something serious. A professional technician will be able to correctly diagnose the source of the noise. Remove Coil Blankets, Covers and Lids In case you have placed coil blankets, covers, or lids during the winter season, you should remove them when starting the system. The covers protect and insulate the coil. However, they also prevent proper heat transfer inside the system. This can lead to a serious fault with the system. Most people forget to remove the covers during the summers resulting in major damage to the system. Often, it results in costly repairs or in worst case scenario a replacement of the entire unit. Look for Dripping Water Water drips if a pipe is leaking. In order to stop the leak, the pipe should be replaced. A malfunctioning pump can also result in water dripping problem. If this is the case, you should consult an experienced technician to resolve the issue. Get your System Inspected Getting your system inspected by a professional can help reduce the need for costly repairs. A service technician will thoroughly inspect the system and perform immediate repairs if required. This will ensure that small problems don't turn into a costly affair. An air conditioner technician will also inspect the drains, outdoor unit, and the indoor unit. The professional will inspect and replace the filter if required. Also, coils will be checked to ensure that they are no aberrances. Air conditioners are used a lot during the summers. By following simple maintenance tasks listed here, you can avoid major problems with the air conditioner. In case you reside in Mohave County, Lake Havasu, or Bullhead City in Arizona, you can contact Air Control Home Services to schedule an inspection of your air conditioner.

Your summer air conditioner maintenance checklist (and who to call)

It is essential that you keep your air conditioner maintained through the warmest months of the year. By following this summer air conditioner maintenance checklist, you can help ensure a trouble-free summer for your air conditioner. Our most important piece of advice: trust Air Control Home Services with your AC tune-up. Our professional and friendly technicians are experts who […]

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