Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why air conditioner maintenance makes financial sense

Chances are that an AC tune-up is not at the top of every family’s busy to-do list, and it certainly isn’t something that many families in Lake Havasu City and other parts of Mohave County budget for annually. However, the team at Air Control would like to make the case for prioritizing a regular air conditioning maintenance. In this post, we’ll review how having a professional maintain your air conditioner makes financial sense and can even save you money, both today and in the future.

AC maintenance in Bullhead CityLong-term health

Your air conditioner is an intricate and complex machine with many moving parts that are subjected to repeated use, sometimes 24/7 here in Arizona, for the better part of three months. That kind of constant use can cause wear-and-tear that—without causing an attention-grabbing breakdown—can lead to damage over the long-term and a decreased longevity for the system.

Annual maintenance from a certified professional at Air Control can help your system avoid these problems. As part of their inspection and tune-up, our technician will lubricate parts and replace problematic components before they break and cause damage. Plus, the overall removal of dust and debris—along with the sealing of air leaks—will reduce the workload on your air conditioner.

All of this extra care now could add years to the life of your system, delaying the day when you’ll need to purchase another one. In this way—even leaving the savings from less energy use and fewer repairs out of the picture—annual maintenance can easily pay for itself.

Manufacturer’s warranty

When you purchase a new air conditioner, the system will likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor for any needed repairs stemming from worn parts or faulty components. A manufacturer’s warranty on an air conditioner is a fantastic value, and can save you considerable money over the years. However, they do have one condition: to keep the warranty going, you need to schedule an annual tune-up with a licensed and certified company, such as Air Control.

Many manufacturer’s have this requirement because maintenance helps air conditioner last longer and have fewer repairs; essentially, they’ll cover anything that breaks after you, as the system owner, make an honest attempt to keep the system in the best shape you can.

If you have a manufacturer’s warranty, we strongly recommend scheduling annual tune-ups. The value and peace of mind of an intact warranty is worth far more than the cost of maintenance from Air Control, which has a number of other benefits.

Seasonal performance

The long-term health of your air conditioner and the preservation of the warranty are benefits where the dividends are stretched out over multiple years. However, a professional AC tune-up can also have short-term benefits, too!

A large majority of repairs needed on AC systems during the summer could have been prevented with a tune-up earlier that spring. While the technicians at Air Control are happy to help you with any repairs you need, you can avoid many system breakdowns altogether with an annual check-up. Since emergency repairs and broken parts take more money to fix than the cost of a tune-up, you’ll save money and—more importantly—headache.

Regular maintenance also gives your air conditioner an energy efficiency boost. Our technicians will seal air leaks and clean the coils, allowing your AC system to run at maximum efficiency, instead of wasting energy while providing your home with less cooling. This means you’ll have a comfortable summer without the sticker shock when you open your bills. Over the course of the months you use your air conditioner in Lake Havasu City and the rest of Mohave County, those energy savings could add up to more than pay for the cost of the tune-up by themselves!

Why hire Air Control for your AC maintenance?

For 25 years, Air Control has provided residents and businesses in Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Parker, and Kingman with exceptional cooling and heating services. Our technicians are NATE-certified, which means they meet the highest standards for service and product knowledge in the HVAC industry. This means they can maintain or repair any air conditioner you might have, no matter what make or model.

If you’re ready to work with a family-owned company that guarantees the work we do, give Air Control a call today to schedule your AC tune-up.

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