Here are the top-3 reasons to spend your tax refund on a new AC

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve got a nice tax refund check on its way. You could go crazy and squander it—or you could use it to make your life more enjoyable for months and years to come. How? By buying a new air conditioner.

Take a look at three top reasons why this spring is the right time to buy your new air conditioner.

Pictured: If you're expecting a tax refund this year, consider spending it on a new AC unit.With a new AC, you’ll be up-and-running fast

When do most people call to get a new air conditioner? You guessed it—when their old one finally gives up the ghost for good, which usually happens during the blazing heat of summer. You may have to wait several days to get the help you need.

Instead, use that tax return to get your air conditioning system replaced now, especially if you already know it’s about 15 years-old and starting to show signs of wear. Think how great it’ll feel in a few months to push the “Cool” button and know that refreshing, chilled air is seconds away.

It’s the smart thing to do for your wallet and the environment

When you install a new air conditioner, your bank accounts all smile with relief. It’s easy to spend as much on AC repairs to an older air conditioning system that’s outlived its expected life span as you’d spend on a new air conditioner—and your new air conditioner is going to lower your summertime energy bills, since—as a Trane—it was designed with the environment and energy conservation in mind.

In addition, an updated air conditioning system increases the value of your home, so it pays off not just in cooler air and lower expenses now, but in the future as well.

Spend your tax refund on an upgrade for your home and comfort

It’s easy to forget about how much you love your air conditioner during the winter when the weather is colder. Now that we’re in summer, you want the comfort that only a new, reliable air conditioner can provide. Keep your entire family happy all summer long by replacing that aging air conditioner now, before you need it, and while you have that unexpected tax refund ready for use.

At Air Control Home Services in Lake Havasu City, we’re ready to help you enjoy the comfort that only a new AC can bring. Contact us today to see how we can help you lower your expenses while increasing your sense of chill.

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