Six reasons your water heater isn’t performing as it should

At Air Control Home Services, we know that your water heater is an essential part of your home. It’s frustrating when your system isn’t operating like it should. In this blog, we discuss the reasons your water heater isn’t performing as it should be, from issues with the thermostat to sediment buildup.

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Reasons your water heater isn’t performing as it should

1. Thermostat issues causing numerous problems

Mind you, this isn’t the same thing as the thermostat on your wall that controls your air conditioning and heating systems. This is the temperature gauge and control on your water heater that sets the heat of the water.

Thermostat issues can lead to some of the following symptoms:

  • The water may be too hot
  • The water may be too cold
  • Hot water may dissipate too quickly
  • Reheating takes too long

In the event of the first problem, this is the perfect reason why you should have an anti-scald device installed on your water heater. Thermostat issues are serious, and can impact both your ability to shower and your energy bills. Call our team for fast, reliable repair.

2. Inadequate piping causing minimal hot water pressure

If you are experiencing low hot water pressure, then the pipes connecting your water heater to your home may be ½ inch. Small pipes naturally restrict water pressure and typically require replacement with an upgrade to ¾ inch piping.

3. Sediment buildup causing strange noises

While it may seem illogical that sediment buildup can cause all those loud hissing, knocking, and popping noises, it is one of the most likely culprits. Other issues may include the following:

  • Leaks
  • Too much pressure in the tank
  • Normal expanding and contracting

It is possible that noises are normal and harmless, but having an inspection may help put to rest any potential concerns.

4. Corrosion causing rust to infiltrate the lines

If you have noticed rust-colored or dirty water, then you may be dealing with corrosion in your tank. This type of deterioration can lead to a complete replacement of your water heater. The anode rod may be the likely culprit and may need to be replaced. If the rod and the tank are too far gone, you may need to have the entire water heater replaced.

5. Bacteria causing smelly water

A bacteria buildup in your tank often causes smelly water, and it is usually linked to well water and the anode rod. Periodic flushing of the system can help, but you will typically want to replace and upgrade the anode rod.

6. Loose pipes or failed valves causing leaks

While some leaks, especially around the base of the heater, are caused by normal condensation, other leaks may be from loose pipes or failed valves. Some of these issues are easily fixed, but others may require professional assistance.

Call Air Control for water heater service here in Lake Havasu City

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, then you may be in need of a service call from a qualified plumbing technician. Contact us at Air Control Home Services and schedule your water heater repair today.

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