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Serving Mohave County Since 1990


Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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Gas Piping Services in Lake Havasu City, AZ

If you’re like the vast majority of Americans then it’s more than likely that you utilize natural gas in your home. You probably heat your home with natural gas and fuel many appliances with natural gas. Systems that run on natural gas aren’t inherently dangerous. In fact, natural gas is a reliable and dependable source of fuel for homes. But you do need a qualified professional to ensure that this fuel source remains safe.

You need a responsible team that understands the rules of working with fossil fuels. If you don’t use a professional for your gas piping services, you’re putting yourself and your family members at risk. At Air Control Home Services, we’ve been in business and exceeding the expectations of our Mohave County customers for 30 years. We simply understand gas pipes. When you need reliable service, you need our team.

Call today to schedule gas piping services in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, AZ.

Choosing Natural Gas

Not all homeowners choose to use natural gas systems, so is this choice the right fit for you? Choosing natural gas piping has a bevy of benefits—when you compare natural gas units to electric appliances, gas powered systems are much cheaper to operate. Other gas-powered benefits include:

  • Affordability: When you’re fueling the water heater in your home with natural gas, you can save money over using electricity to do so.
  • Precision: When you’re cooking on your stove with natural gas, many homeowners note that this fuel source gives them quicker and faster heat control than electric fuel sources.
  • Convenience: Tired of running out last minute to buy propane tanks for your summer barbecue? With a natural gas system you can feed flexible gas lines outdoors that install into your outdoor barbecue setup.

Need Gas Piping Repairs?

You can prevent repair needs for your natural gas system with professional installation by one of our experienced plumbers. However, life happens, and if you think you’re having problems that point to a need for repairs then you need to address them promptly.

It’s never a good idea to procrastinate when it comes to anything to do with your natural gas pipes. When you do this you’re only giving your system the opportunity to develop dangerous issues. A big sign to look out for is the sulfuric smell of rotten eggs. Gas companies put this odor in the gas, so you can notice that you have a gas leak. If you smell this, you’ve got a big problem with your gas pipes and should call a professional immediately.

Why You Need a Professional Plumber for Gas Piping

Natural gas piping isn’t the type of work for anyone outside of an experienced professional. You need to have a licensed plumber trained in natural gas piping regulations to keep your home safe. We use flexible gas piping here at our company to decrease the chance of leaks and boost efficiency. We ensure that all of the plumbing technicians on our team are extensively trained, licensed, and ready to do the work that’s going to keep your home safe.

Contact our team today to request an estimate on gas piping services in Lake Havasu City and the surrounding area.