What are some ways you can make your home more energy-efficient?

Want to improve your home’s energy-efficiency ratio and reduce your heating and cooling bills? From a home energy audit to an HVAC system tune-up and insulation installation, there are many ways make your home more energy-efficient. Consider the following options from the team at Air Control Home Services.

Home energy audit

If your home is not yet the energy-efficient haven of your dreams, think about investing in a home energy audit. An evaluation by our professionals can pinpoint the exact areas where your home is losing energy. This is a great option if you suspect your place has energy-efficiency issues, but you’re not sure how to address and resolve them.

HVAC system tune-up

It pays to have our certified technicians check out your HVAC system. Whether your trusty furnace needs a tune-up or your ailing heat pump requires a complete overhaul, you want your system to operate efficiently. In the long run, a regular repair and maintenance schedule for your HVAC system can result in major energy gains and reduced costs.

Ductless system

It’s no secret that air duct systems are among the greatest sources of energy loss in homes. If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, consider going ductless. This type of system lets you independently control the comfort of each room in your house.

Air duct sealing

A leaky air duct system can contribute to your home’s poor efficiency and your family’s ill health. Think of all that hot or cold air leaving your home—and the allergens and dust entering it. Thanks to Aeroseal, an advanced duct-sealing process, our certified technicians can seal leaks from inside the ducts without ripping out drywall.

Insulation installation

Old or damp insulation could mean your home is losing energy through its walls, floors, and attic spaces. Our professionals can retrofit your home using blown-in insulation. They install the perfect amount of product you need to cut your energy losses and keep your home warm or cool throughout the year.

Call Air Control today to schedule your home energy audit

To improve your home’s energy-efficiency ratio, contact us here at Air Control Home Services today. Whether you get started with a home energy audit or choose one of our professional services like Aeroseal, we can save you energy, time, and money.

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