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Serving Mohave County Since 1990


Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Lake Havasu, AZ

If you live in a newer home here in Mohave County, clean air is something that you have to work for. New homes are built to be incredibly energy efficient, which is amazing for your bottom line. However, tightly-sealed homes can be bad for indoor air quality. When air contaminants get into your home, an older home with gaps and drafts will give these contaminants an opportunity to leave.

A new, energy-efficient home will trap all these contaminants into your space and then keep them in circulation indefinitely. This is where air filtration systems and air purifiers come into play. These systems can act as the extra boost that you need to breathe easy. To learn more about our Lake Havasu City, AZ indoor air quality solutions, contact our team today!

If you want to install an air filter or air purifier, contact Air Control Home Services. We’re the indoor air quality experts in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County.

Factors That Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

So how does your indoor air quality become so poor? Here are some factors that may be detrimental to the air in your home:

  • VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds) that come from substances like acetone, benzene, and formaldehyde, which can all be found in household cleaning products
  • Dust mites, furniture lint, pet dander, and pollen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • An excess amount of humidity or incredibly low levels of humidity
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Paint and building materials

If you need help regulating the air quality of your home, then make sure you call our team. Adding an air filter or air purification system in a home will help boost your indoor air quality. Without an IAQ system you can suffer from headaches, throat irritation, dizziness, fatigue, and a myriad of other problems because of low indoor air quality.

Should You Install an Air Filter or an Air Purifier?

So, what’s the difference between an air filter and an air purifier?

  • Air Filter: An air filtration system contains a tightly woven fibrous filter that’s designed to capture any contaminants that come into contact with it. The filters that we provide for your home are high grade rating so that you won’t have to worry about any air filtration problems.
  • Air Purifier: If anyone in your home is particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of low indoor air quality, or if anyone has a weak immune system, you might want to choose an air purifier. We install UV air purifiers that use UV germicidal light bulbs to eliminate airborne pathogens.

Call for Air Purifier Installation in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County

If you’re looking to install an air filtration system or an air purification system, we’re the team to do it. We only work with the best brands on the market like Trane, Daikin, and American Comfort to provide you with the best air filters and UV air purifiers. We’re the clean air experts here at Air Control Home Services, so don’t hesitate to call us when you need service. We go above and beyond the expected and provide quality installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services.