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Serving Mohave County Since 1990


Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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Insulation Services in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, AZ

When it comes to getting the most out of either your heating or cooling in your home, your insulation is incredibly important. Insulation makes or breaks your home. You can have a top of the line HVAC system that’s perfect for the size and heating needs of your home, but if your insulation isn’t up to par then you’ll never be able to receive the full benefits of your HVAC system. When you have the wrong insulation, even a great HVAC system goes bad.

If you’re having trouble keeping yourself warm in winter and cool in the summer, be sure to contact our team to inquire about insulation. Don’t try to DIY the insulation in your home. When you need a thorough job you need the service of one of the professionals from our team. Give us a call to schedule insulation services in Lake Havasu City and the surrounding area.

Our team is committed to keeping your home comfortable. Contact our team to schedule insulation services in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, AZ.

How’s Your Home’s Insulation?

According to the NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) more than 90% of homes in the United States are under insulated. So how can you tell if you fall into this category? Here are a few signs:

  • Your energy bills are consistently high or have risen steadily in the past few months.
  • When you touch your walls, floors, ceilings, or any other interior surface of your home, they’re always cold.
  • You experience wide ranges of warm and cold temperatures throughout your home—i.e. you’re boiling in your bedroom but always freezing in the living room.
  • There’s always an unexpected draft in your home in the winter months
  • You often have problems with insects or rodents finding their way into your space.
  • When we experience wet and rainy weather conditions, you notice that your home tends to have leaks.

How Insulation Can Help

Insulation is so integral to the comfort of your home because it keeps the temperatures you want in and the temperatures that you don’t out. Poor insulation is a problem all year round, but it’s particularly egregious during cold winter conditions, so we’ll focus on that example.

Say that you have a top of the line heater and amazing ductwork to distribute heat throughout your home. This is all futile if you don’t have great insulation because about 25% of it will escape from your attic and roof, and you can lose 35% of your home’s heat through the walls. Without great insulation, some of the money you’re paying to heat your home is thrown away because the heated air is seeping out of your home without a trace. Insulation keeps your heat where it should be—inside or out, depending upon the season.

Call Our Team for Insulation Energy Improvements

When you contact our team, you’ll know that you’re getting the best home services available here in Western Arizona. We can come out and perform an energy audit to inform you of where and how your home is wasting energy.

After this assessment, we’ll bolster the weak points of your home with extra added insulation. We provide sealing for all areas of the home alongside expert insulation services, so no matter what the problem is in your home, we can fix it.