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Serving Mohave County Since 1990


Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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Home Performance Services in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, AZ

When you’re looking to boost your home performance here in Mohave County, look to Air Control Home Services. We’re the best at everything home improvement and we cover a wide array of needs. When we’re talking about home performance, we’re talking about all aspects of your space that allow your home to work together harmoniously. We specifically provide air sealing, energy audits, and insulation services for Mohave County residents.

We’re committed to providing you with the most comfortable home life possible. We work with all the best brands to ensure that your home is healthy and durable throughout any obstacles and problems you face. Give us a call to schedule home performance services in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, AZ.

Contact our team today for home performance services in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, AZ.

Our Lake Havasu City Air Sealing Services

When it comes to your HVAC system, your ductwork is incredibly important. Unfortunately, all homes have gaps and spaces that allow conditioned air to escape through your home itself. These little openings are common because there are many holes left behind by home renovations and electric work. Over time these little openings have a big impact on your home’s energy efficiency levels.

Our HVAC technicians are skilled and highly trained to provide air sealing services, and will come to your home to find these problems and seal them up. We use the best quality duct sealing material—Aeroseal. Aeroseal is a high-quality polymer that we use to seal your duct system. If you’re suffering from hot and cold spots, excessive dust or allergens, or even high utility bills, you need the assistance of our team.

All About Energy Audits

A home energy audit (also known as a home energy assessment) is the first step toward having a comfortable and energy efficient home. The purpose of the assessment is to calculate how much energy your home consumes and then find solutions to make your space more ecofriendly and less costly.

Make sure to have a professional perform this audit. Here at Air Control Home Services, all of our technicians have the knowledge necessary to help you determine what your home needs and recommend the right system upgrades and additions to improve your energy efficiency. Before you have a technician come out, be sure to make note of any existing problems that you experience so that you can get the most personalized service possible.

Insulation Is Key

Insulation is never a bad idea. If you’re trying to boost your energy efficiency, insulation is absolutely imperative. You can reduce your energy bills by adding more insulation—this is especially true if you live in an older home. If you’re trying to determine whether you should add insulation to your home then the first step is determining how much insulation is already in your space and where it is. A qualified home energy auditor can do this for you—this isn’t something you can determine just by looking at your insulation. You need a professional with extensive experience. It’s an extra beneficial process because you can also determine what areas of your home need air sealing at the same time. Before you insulate your home, you should have our team air seal your space, too.