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Serving Mohave County Since 1990


Serving Mohave County Since 1990

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Ductwork Services in Lake Havasu, AZ

When was the last time you thought about your ductwork? We understand that it’s probably not an aspect of your home that’s high priority on any to-do list that you have in rotation. However, we’re asking you to bump up its priority.

Your ductwork is actually an extremely important aspect of your overall heating and air conditioning systems. Your ductwork is what allows you to distribute hot or cold air throughout your home when heating and cooling with a forced air system, and it directly affects your indoor air quality. Paying attention to your ductwork is what will either make or break your system, so make sure you’re giving it the attention it needs from a reliable team like ours. Contact us today to get started.

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Want to Boost Your Energy Efficiency? Seal Your Ducts

Your ducts have a lot of air flowing through them no matter if you’re heating or cooling. Cracks, holes, gaps, or any other faults in your ducts severely decrease your energy efficiency in your home. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that the average forced-air HVAC system loses as much as 30% of its total output to duct leakage. 

It might seem like these opportunities for duct leakage are small, but they really add up over time. If you think you’re experiencing duct leakage, our team will come out for duct testing. You’re already paying for your air conditioning and heating services and, when your ducts are leaking, a large majority of this conditioned air goes to waste.

Here at Air Control Home Services we use Aeroseal. Aeroseal is the best technology available in air duct sealing. This technology tackles duct leaks from the inside out. Using Aeroseal keeps out mold, dust, and other contaminants while keeping your conditioned air in. You’ll increase your indoor air quality and decrease your HVAC bills when you use our duct sealing services in Lake Havasu City and the surrounding area. 

Yes, You Need to Book Regular Duct Cleaning

A lot of homeowners are unaware that they need to have their ducts cleaned. These ducts need maintenance just like any other system in your home. Your ducts tend to have large quantities of dust and debris build up in them over time. Think about it—the air in your home isn’t squeaky clean. There’s dust floating around, lint, pet dander from your furry friends, and lots of other microscopic airborne bacteria you can’t even see. All of this has to settle somewhere.

Over time, this will decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. All this extra debris makes it tough for air to blow through the ductwork, and it decreases energy efficiency in your home. Our duct cleaning services will help your system work efficiently and help you and everyone else in your home breathe a lot easier.

Repairing and Replacing Your Ductwork

If you schedule duct cleaning or duct sealing for your home and our technicians assess your system, we may determine that your ducts are too degraded or damaged for duct sealing to fix them. A lot of the time, ducts that are extensively damaged are that way not just because of wear and tear, but also because they weren’t installed correctly in the first place. We’re here to help when it’s time to replace your system. 

Duct repair and duct replacement can be done in several different ways. In most cases, a section of sheet metal in your ductwork can either be removed, replaced, or mended with mastics. You need a professional for your duct repair or replacement services so make sure these are done by our Lake Havasu City HVAC technicians.