How to ensure optimal summer cooling for your home

Optimal Cooling during the SummersNo one likes to be sweaty, sticky, or damp during the summers. That’s why most people tend to crank up the thermostat when the temperature outside go above 100-degrees. Which is common here in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County!

However, this also results in increased energy bills. And, at times, the air conditioner does not properly cool the room after lowering the room temperature to 61 degrees.

If you’re troubled by high energy bills due to keeping the air conditioner at low temperature during the summers or improper cooling, you can ease your mind by following these tips to ensure optimal summer cooling.

1. Block the sunlight

A daily dose of sunshine is good for the health. However, during the summers, it can also easily warm up the rooms. Anything you can do to prevent the sun from shining inside the room will help in keeping the room cool. Keeping the doors, windows, and blinds closed is the best way to prevent sunlight from shining through the window. This will also ensure that your air conditioner is able to cool the room efficiently using less power.

2. Use a fan to feel the breeze

While your air conditioner may cool the temperature, it cannot give off a faux sea breeze. But you can use a simple trick to enjoy the cool sensation, which will be valuable particularly during unusually hot days when you need summer cooling. Simply add ice to a bowl and then position the bowl at an angle in front of the fan in a way that the air whips off the ice at an extra-misty and chilled temperature.

3. Insulate your home

Home insulation can also help in optimal cooling during the summers. Insulating the house will seal all the leaks. As a result, cold air will not leak outside the house. The cost of insulation will be recovered in the form of reduced energy bills. The air conditioner will be able to cool the room efficiently without drawing a lot of power when the house is properly insulated.

4. Regular servicing of your air conditioner

The importance of regular air conditioner service cannot be emphasized enough. It ensures optimal cooling. A professional technician will clean or change the filters if required. A clean filter will ensure that the air flows easily through the air conditioning unit, thereby ensuring efficient cooling.

5. Replace incandescent light

If you have incandescent lighting inside the house, you should consider replacing them with CFC lighting. Incandescent lighting not only draws relatively more power but also heats up your home. Replacing incandescent lighting with energy-efficient ones will result in optimal cooling during the summers.

Summer cooling for your home

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