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Get your AC looked at before summer starts

We all know how brutal summers in Lake Havasu, Arizona can be. As much as we love the winters here, the sun just isn’t as fun when the thermometer hits 105 degrees at midday. In some areas of the country, having air conditioning is a luxury. In Mohave County, it’s a necessity. Have one of the certified technicians at Air Control inspect your system, and we’ll make sure everything is running the way it should—before the heat is on.

Why should I get a tune-up?

AC-Bullhead City 2Think of your AC unit like your car. Just like you wouldn’t go a year without getting an oil change for your vehicle, you shouldn’t skip regular maintenance for your cooling system. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling an inspection:

  • Greater energy efficiency: We all know the pain of opening that monthly energy bill in July. However, how much of that cost is due to your system not performing up to a par? An unmaintained system is an inefficient system, and scheduling a tune-up each year before the warmest months can save you and your family money over the long haul.
  • Greater reliability: You don’t want your system breaking down on a day where triple digits extend deep into the night. If even the thought of enduring that heat makes you sweat, consider this: maintenance from an AC professional can catch problems before they become, well, problems. This helps ensure your system will run all summer long.
  • Greater dependability for the future: Let’s go back to the car example. If you skipped giving your vehicle oil changes for years, how do you think that would impact the lifespan of your car? The same principle is more-or-less true for your AC system. Nothing lasts forever, but a well-maintained unit can outlive one with no maintenance by years.

Why should I consider a tune-up now?

The U.S. Southwest has been rocked by a rare February heatwave, but—under normal conditions—this time of year is pretty nice. After all, the beautiful winters are why many of us love living, working, and playing in Lake Havasu City, Kingman, and the rest of Mohave County. It’s also the prime time you should be thinking about an AC tune-up.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of a more efficient system, have your air conditioning system inspected before the hottest months of the year begin and your unit starts to see heavy use. If there are any problems with your system, odds are that running your AC regularly will only make them worse, or make a breakdown more likely. Arizona springtime is the best time to get a tune-up.

How can I schedule regular maintenance?

If you’re the type who hates the headache of having to keep track of scheduling, Club Air Control might be a great fit for you. By joining, not only do you receive annual tune-ups on both your cooling and heating systems, but you also get a ton of other perks, including:

  • Priority service
  • 30-day guarantee on all parts and service that includes waived dispatch fee
  • 20 percent price reduction on service and parts
  • No overtime charges for weekend or night service
  • Lifetime warranty on certain parts and repairs

Schedule your AC tune-up

Air Control’s industry-certified technicians are ready to inspect your system. Give us a call at (928) 263-2996.

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