Furnace 101: Why Is My Furnace Cycling (Turn Off & On) So Frequently?

Furnace Cycling TroubleshootingProper functioning of the furnace is important if you want to remain warm inside the house during the winter. One problem that sometimes occurs with the furnace is that it turns on and off frequently, also known as “furnace cycling.”

This is a sure sign that you need furnace repair service from one of the experienced technicians at Air Control Home Services.

Furnace cycling not only results in improper heating but also could damage the unit. Moreover, it could result in increased energy bills, as well.

Below are some of the common reasons why the furnace turns on and off frequently resulting in improper heating through furnace cycling

Faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat may keep the furnace from turning on and off frequently. If the thermostat is battery powered, you should consider replacing the battery and see if it fixes the problem. In case the thermostat is not battery powered, you should have a professional check the low-voltage wires inside the device.

Wrong location for the thermostat

In some cases, the problem can also be solved by simply relocating the thermostat to a new location. If the thermostat is located close to a heat source such as near the windows, it will sense the house has become warm and shut off the furnace early.

Clogged air filter

Clogged air filter can result in many problems including making the furnace turn on and off frequently. The dirty filter prevents proper air flow. This results in overheating of the system due to which it will shut off automatically as a safety precaution. Changing or cleaning the dirty air filter will likely resolve the problem.

Improperly sized furnace

Lastly, you should keep in mind that an improper sized furnace can result in frequent cycling. The reason is that it will heat the house quickly and then turn off. The frequent cycling leads to overheating problem that could damage the system. Likewise, if the furnace is small it will result in frequent cycling. A professional technician can tell you whether the furnace is too big or small for the house.

This is not a DIY task

Whatever problems that you face regarding the furnace, it’s essential that you let the experts resolve the problem. In no event, should you try to repair the furnace yourself. Keep in mind that furnace repairs is not a DIY task. You need to let the professional take care of all kinds of furnace repair and installation issues.

Furnace cycling? Call in the experts at Air Control Home Services

If you want help of professional and certified furnace technicians in Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, and Mohave County in Arizona, you can contact Air Control Home Services. We have a team of NATE certified technicians who can offer you 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all kinds of furnace repair tasks.

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