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Five reasons to join Club Air Control

Your air conditioner and furnace require annual maintenance from a professional to keep them running right and at high efficiency. However, in the rush of everyday life, it can be difficult to remember to schedule a seasonal tune-up, and forgetting can have long-term consequences for your home’s comfort and your system.

Instead, join Club Air Control. It’s a maintenance program with serious perks and benefits. As a Club member, we’ll call you to schedule tune-ups, taking the stress out of HVAC upkeep. If you’re ready for the next level of service, join Club Air Control.

AC Tune-ups with Club Air Control#1. With Club Air Control, you’ll receive priority service

In some industries and businesses, it’s typical to treat the customer like they’re nothing special. Not at Air Control, and especially not for our Club Air Control members. When you’re a part of our club, you’ll know you’re a VIP to us. We’ll prioritize your home’s service over that of all other customers. That means that no matter when you call or no matter how busy you are, we’ll quickly travel to your location and help you.

#2. Your repairs will be guaranteed for 30 days

When our service vehicle rolls away, you want the peace of mind of knowing that the repair has been done right without any issues. As a member of Club Air Control, you’ll have that certainty. We guarantee all members that—if their air conditioner encounters any issues in the 30 days after we’ve made a repair or service visit—we’ll waive the dispatch fee.

#3. No overtime charges for weekends and holidays

A great HVAC company should be there for you when you need help. That’s why Club Air Control members are not charged for overtime when they call for repairs on weekends and holidays. So, no matter what day or time, give the professionals at Air Control a call to schedule your service visit.

#4. The parts we use are guaranteed for life

As an added bonus, Air Control customers receive a lifetime warranty on certain HVAC parts. Should a part break after we’ve replaced it, we’ll put a new one into your system. Repairs are also guaranteed, depending on what they entail.

#5: You can take 20% off of all repairs

Regular tune-ups should have your system running great; after all, it’s estimated that annual maintenance can prevent up to 80% of the breakdowns that necessitate repairs. Should you need repairs, however, Air Control will provide you with 20% off.

What makes Air Control different?

Since 1990, Air Control has provided the residents and businesses of Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Parker, and Kingman with cooling and heating services. From our Club Air Control to our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, we care deeply about customers. That’s because we’re family-owned and locally operated, and our technicians are members of Mohave County’s communities, too.

Learn more about Air Control or give us a call to schedule your service or learn more about Club Air Control.

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