Here’s what our team does to find hidden water leaks in your home

Sometimes, water leaks are obvious and staring you right in the face. When your faucet is dripping, your pipes under the sink is leaking, or there’s a problem with your dishwasher, you can actually see the water. However, what happens when there are hidden water leaks in your home that you can’t see? How do you go about finding those?

We’re talking about leaks that are behind interior walls, cabinets, or otherwise hidden from view. You need to contact Air Control Home Services for professional plumbing services.

The four big ways we hunt for hidden water leaks

#1. Eliminating all other sources of water

Hidden water leaks can be difficult to find.Before we do anything else, we’ll want to confirm that you do have a leak in an interior section of pipe. To do this, we’ll make sure all faucets, outlets, and other sources of water are completely shut off, and then shut off the water to your home.

After a while, we’ll check the water meter. If the dial indicates that there’s been water used, it’s probably from the leak, since no other part of the house should have water moving.

#2. Video inspection via a professional snake tool

Our plumbers have specialized, moisture-resistant snake tools on-hand that we can use to put down through your drain and wind through your pipes, looking for signs of a leak.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of the tools: only an experienced plumber can spot the subtle differences in water pressure that indicate that there’s a leak in the pipes.

Once we’ve located the approximate area of the leak using our snake tool, we’ll move on to our next method for finding the exact location of the leak.

#3. Listening very carefully (with specialized equipment)

Hidden water leaks inside walls and behind cabinets do make sound. However, this sound is so slight and so small that it’s impossible to hear with the human ear—even if your home is perfectly silent.

Our plumbers use specialized equipment to press up against the wall and hear “through” it. Then, our plumbers listen intently through headphones to “locate” the source of the sound by moving along the wall.

Think of this as a leak-finding stud-finder: our experienced plumbers may have a hunch about where the leak is thanks to the use of the snake tool, but this listening equipment helps us zero in before we cut drywall.

#4. Dealing with outside leaks

We do deal with hidden water leaks inside the home, but outdoor water leaks are just as common. That’s because drip systems and your sewer line typically run under a yard. While protected from some elements by being buried, other disturbances—minor seismic activity, tree roots, clogs inside of the pipe—can lead to leaks.

These outdoor hidden water leaks can be just as hard, if not more difficult, to find. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Our plumbers have tools for measuring ground moisture in different parts of your yard. We’ll find the source of the ground water leak before moving to advise you on how to address the issue.

Call Air Control for professional plumbing services in Lake Havasu City

Even the smallest of leaks can represent a big problem for your home or yard over time. Our recommendation? When you suspect there’s a leak, call in the professionals here at Air Control right away. Our plumbers are friendly and experienced, and we know how to find hidden water leaks, and get them fixed.

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