Fall is the perfect time to schedule a heat pump inspection

As you know, it takes a long time for the weather to cool down in Arizona. The last thing on your mind when you’re going through a long summer and fall season is your heat pump. However, fall is the perfect time to schedule a heat pump inspection from our techs at Air Control Home Services. Here’s why.

Pictured: A heat pump system in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Schedule your heat pump inspection in the spring and fall.Your heat pump has been running all summer

Heat pumps are year-round systems. In the summer, they operate like a normal air conditioner; in the winter, they reverse operation, pulling heat energy out of outdoor air and pulling it inside your home. Because of this, they go through a lot of wear-and-tear through the course of the calendar year. Spring and fall are the ideal times to have an Air Control tech take a look at your system.

You don’t want to be stuck with a heat pump problem this winter—or, worse, heading out of spring into next summer.

Save money on energy bills this winter

Summer is known as the time for high energy bills, but getting through the winter comfortably can be expensive. A heat pump that goes without maintenance is an inefficient system, which means you’re leaving money on the table throughout the entire year.

Call Air Control and schedule a tune-up. Our heat pump checkup can help you get more savings out of your system in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Consider the age of the system

As your heat pump passes its 10-year mark, repair problems become more prevalent and energy-efficiency begins to drop. Combined with the system running year-round for a decade or more, your heat pump will likely need to inspected to make sure it’s still working properly.

Is it time to upgrade to a new system?

If your old heat pump isn’t heating or cooling your home quite like it used to, you should call Air Control for a tune-up or repair. However, you may also be in the position where you need to replace your older heat pump. Based on the results of our checkup, our techs can recommend the best course of action for your system.

In the event that your older heat pump does need to be replaced, we’ll provide you with an honest, straightforward assessment. We can also talk to you about your options for a new Trane heat pump system, installed the right way by our team.

Call us for a heat pump inspection

Get your heat pump ready for winter by calling us. Our NATE-certified techs are ready to help address your system’s needs and make sure it’s running its best heading into the colder months of the year. To schedule your heat pump inspection, call us today.

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