Here’s why a DIY AC tune-up is a bad idea

It’s AC tune-up season here in Lake Havasu City. Temperatures are rising, and if you haven’t had our team inspect your system yet, now’s the time. However, many homeowners—wanting to save money—are trying to do their own DIY AC tune-up. In this blog, we’ll review why that’s a bad idea.

There are some things you can do with your air conditioner or heat pump to confirm that it’s in working condition, both prior to and after your tune-up. However, for the most part, you’re going to want to skip any DIY AC tune-up work. We’ll explain why.

#1. You could damage your system

Even if you have a video guide to help you, there’s a strong chance that attempting a DIY AC tune-up can cause damage to your system.

After all, not doing things exactly right could cause issues that are exacerbated later in the summer, when it’s incredibly hot out here in Lake Havasu City.

In such instances, Air Control is there for you and your air conditioner with emergency AC repair. However, it’s better to avoid the repair altogether by just scheduling your AC tune-up with our team in the first place.

It’s best to leave your air conditioning tune-up to the experts.

#2. You could void your system warranty

Most new air conditioners, installed by a professional HVAC technician, come with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects the system from defects and other issues that can arise over the lifespan of the unit. However, these warranties typically have two clauses that homeowners should take note of:

  • Most clauses require you to schedule annual maintenance from a professional HVAC company
  • Most clauses are voided if the homeowner attempts a DIY AC tune-up.

This means that whatever money you’re saving by skipping the expert tune-up, you could end up paying later in your system’s life if something goes wrong. It’s not a great deal for you as a homeowner.

#3. You won’t get the best energy savings possible

As we’ve detailed in a prior post, a tune-up is the best way to save money during the hottest months of summer, when your air conditioner will be working the hardest. When done by a professional, a tune-up optimizes the unit so that it can deliver great cooling without burning any more energy than it needs to.

Even a thorough homeowner doing their own inspection and checkup may not be able to get their air conditioner to this efficient state. Plus, as detailed above, there’s a chance that something could go wrong and you could lower the efficiency of your system.

Call Air Control to schedule your professional tune-up

With a hot summer on the way here in Lake Havasu City, now’s the time to call Air Control and schedule your professional AC tune-up. Learn more about us and then call (928) 680-0600.

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