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Is it Time to Have Your Drains Cleaned?


Do you know how much waste enters your drain pipe on a daily basis? Well, it’s A LOT, and over time, things can really start to build up. Fortunately, there is something we can do about it!

That’s right: we’re talking about professional drain cleaning services! Drain cleaning is the best way to ensure that your drain pipes are free and clear of clogs and blockages.

There are a number of signs that suggest your drain pipes could use a good cleaning, and below, we have listed some of them for you. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more, and of course, remember to call our team when you need a plumber in Bullhead City, AZ.

What Are the Signs?

Like we mentioned above, there are a number of signs that suggest it’s time for drain cleaning such as:

1) Slow Drainage

Drain clogs are the single biggest issue that you are likely to face when it comes to your drain and sewer system. Clogs often form slowly as waste builds-up on the walls of a drainpipe. As the clog builds towards the center of the pipe, it will increasingly restrict the flow of water, leaving you with slow drains. If you notice that one of your drains is draining more slowly than it normal, it is likely that you’ve got a clog that needs clearing.

2) Not-So-Pleasant Odors

This is a symptom most common in kitchen drains, which have to deal with quite a bit of food waste. If you notice that any of your drains are particularly stinky, it’s likely that there is a build-up of waste in the pipe. Fortunately, a professional plumber should be able to rid your drain of the odor by properly cleaning it out.

(Note: If more than one drain is smelly, you’ve likely got a problem deep within your sewer system, in which case, different services are needed.)

3) Gurgling Sounds

If you hear gurgling when using your bathtub or sink, your drain has likely collected too much dirt and grease. This type of obstruction can create air bubbles that create the gurgling noise that you are hearing. Once the drain has been cleared, water and air can move freely down it without creating any extra noises.

4) Multiple Clogs

If multiple drains around your home seem prone to clogs, it is possible that your entire system is in need of a good cleaning. However, it is more likely that the answer is that you’ve got a clog in your main sewer line. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is call in a professional plumber!

5) Standing Water or Standing in Water

If your bathtub looks more like a swamp than it does a bathtub long after you’ve finished bathing, you are in need of drain cleaning services. Standing water in your tub is often the result of hair that has tangled and combined with soap residue and dirt to form a clog.

If you’re ready to schedule your drain cleaning services, contact the team at Air Control Home Services today to get started.

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