DIY plumbing repair can be dangerous—here’s why you should call the experts

The temptation to attempt a DIY plumbing repair can be hard to resist. After all, what homeowner doesn’t love saving money by trying to fix something around the home themselves? However, plumbing repair can be dangerous, and—if not done right—can lead to disaster. As we’ll argue in this blog post, it’s just better to call in the professionals.

To schedule emergency plumbing repair service here in Lake Havasu City, contact us here at Air Control Home Services.

Stubborn or frequent toilet clogs

If you’d like to stop spending valuable time repeatedly unclogging your toilet, we can help. It is easy to find DIY plumbing repair advice from the internet, but user beware! Those tips may lead to damage, since not every toilet or clog is the same.

Our professionals clear the toughest clogs without damaging delicate porcelain toilets. We also offer professional installation of bathroom fixtures if you need a replacement.

Leaky faucets

Going to sleep with a loud dripping sound overnight, whether from a kitchen or bathroom sink, is frustrating. Also, the estimated extra hundreds of gallons of water that trickles from a single faulty faucet needlessly raises your water bill.

We use specialized tools to replace the worn or corroded parts causing your leak. This results in less noise and less water waste.

Leaky pipes

If you’re anticipating saving money by doing DIY plumbing repair, think again. A leaking pipe can flood or damage your floor if all sources of the leak are not properly detected, causing more expenses.

Puddles under the sink, water stains, or mold are urgent concerns. Moreover, leaks that reach the cracks of your home’s foundation can cause structural damage. This serious issue is just one of the reasons we offer professional leak detection services.

Home plumbing inspections

A botched repair can make plumbing problems worse and more costly to solve. During a professional plumbing inspection, we assess your plumbing system for such trouble.

We can show you routine plumbing maintenance tasks to prevent further issues. Maintenance performed during the inspection can even solve minor issues such as low water pressure.

Avoid DIY plumbing repair, and call us instead!

At Air Control Home Services, we’re here for your plumbing emergencies. Contact our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing team today for home services done right and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t go it alone—have our plumbing professionals complete repairs to preserve the value of your home.

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