Here’s what anti-scald devices are and how they work

According to the Burn Foundation, over 500,000 scald burns happen annually here in the United States. Those disproportionately impacted are the elderly, children, and those with disabilities. Scalding is a danger in a shower, bathtub, or sink when the cold water supply is cut, leaving only the hot water in the mix. The danger of scalding is just one of the reasons we recommend that you have our plumbers install anti-scald devices in your home.

Protect your home and family with anti-scald devices, installed by Air Control.

In this article, we’ll review the dangers of scald burns and the types of devices that can prevent this common injury. Here in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County, call your friends at Air Control Home Services if you’d like one of our plumbers to assess and fix potential scald dangers in your home.

Why do you need anti-scald devices installed?

In many cases, scald burns happen while showering. A child accidentally turns the handle all the way to hot, quickly raising the water temperature to unsafe levels. Or, a toilet is flushed. This sudden diversion of cold water away from the pipes of the shower causes a temperature spike. One other common scenario is that an elderly or disabled family member has difficulty reaching the handle to change water temperature.

Once the water temperature gets above 130 degrees, the chance of burns increases. With an anti-scald product, you can help give yourself some peace of mind and avoid this dangerous hazard in your home.

Types of devices to use

There are a few different ways to prevent hot water scalding in your home.

First, have one of our plumbers adjust your water heater to lower the overall temperature it heats water to. Really, no water heater needs to be set above 120 degrees, so just by doing this, you’re making your home a lot safer!

Next, have our plumbers install an anti-scald device in your home. There are two common types: one for the whole home, and another for each individual faucet:

  • Thermostatic mixing valves: A professional plumber can install a valve on your home’s main water supply to have a constant stream of cold water mixed in with your regular flow. This gives your entire home some protection from a sudden burst of scalding hot water.
  • Single faucet mixing valve: If you don’t want to reduce the temperature of every water appliance, you can go with individual mixing valves on items that you and your family use for washing and drinking. A plumber can give you some recommendations for valves that help keep the water temperature safe for showers, bathtubs, and sinks.

Call Air Control for plumbing installation services!

If you want to find out more about how anti-scald devices could protect you and your home’s plumbing, contact our team here at Air Control Home Services. You can get customized recommendations for your plumbing needs!

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