Advantages of a home energy audit

Your family’s money is valuable, and every dollar you save matters. It’s another dollar you can put toward buying a boat for Lake Havasu. It’s another dollar you can put toward going to get ice cream with your family when the heat of summer rolls around. So, when your home is using energy inefficiently, it is leaking money. Your money.

A home energy audit from Mohave County’s own Air Control Air Conditioning and Heating can help you identify problem areas that are costing you on your energy bills each month. As an added bonus, the audit will make your home heat and cool more efficiently, which means no more cold or hot zones in different rooms.

Reasons to get your home audited

air-control-home-energy-auditWe get it: “audit” can be a scary word, and perhaps is more often associated with owed taxes than with your home. But, an energy audit can actually be really useful, and end up saving you money. So, it’s kind of like the opposite of the other kind of audit.

  • Lower your monthly energy bills: Life is expensive enough already. You have stuff to save for, a family to care for, and, hey, it’d be nice to travel every once in awhile. An energy audit will help plug the leaks that are costing you extra heating and cooling money. Over the course of several years, that kind of savings adds up. Take that vacation to Hawaii.
  • Improve the comfort of your home: Ever been boiling in one room while your spouse is freezing in the other? An inefficient system won’t distribute heating or cooling to the rooms of your home equally, meaning that you’re wasting money and not even getting anything good for your trouble.
  • Sell your home for more: When it comes time to put your home on the market, telling a prospective buyer, “Hey, I got my home audited, and it’s now 20 percent more energy efficient” might be the difference between selling at the price you want, or watching that buyer grab the house down the street. An energy audit is a great bargaining chip, and it doesn’t even involve spending 20 hours painting your beautiful fuschia walls a neutral color.
  • Identify problems, before they become problems: For example, an energy audit of your home may reveal that your furnace or air conditioning unit is working twice as hard as it should be, and that it needs some upkeep before it breaks down under the strain. While we don’t want this to be the case, it’s better for you to know about it in advance, so that you can plan for what might happen.

Why Air Control?

We’re glad you’ve given some thought to a home energy audit. Here are some reasons that you should consider us for your heating and cooling services:

  1. We provide a thorough inspection: At the start of your audit process, a certified technician will inspect your home and system thoroughly to identify any gaps, issues, or looming problems. At every step of the process, he or she will keep you informed of what they’re finding, and provide you an honest assessment. Then, they’ll sit down with you and let you know what your options are.
  2. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: We want you to be happy with the work we’re doing. Once we get to work on fixing any issues revealed by the energy audit, you can be sure that we’re going to do the job right—the first time. If, for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with our work, we’ll come and fix it for free 30 days after.
  3. We’re locally owned and a family company: Air Control is owned and operated right here in Lake Havasu, although we service a large part of the larger Mohave County area. We follow the Golden Rule: treat people right, and they’ll do right by you in return.

How can I get in contact with Air Control to schedule an energy audit?

You can schedule your audit with us online, or give us a call at (928) 263-2996. We look forward to working with you, and making sure your home is running as efficiently as it can.

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