Turn to the experts for drain cleaning this holiday season

Drains are arguably the most important part of the plumbing in your home. Without them, water has nowhere to go, and your sinks, showers, and toilets are unusable. During this busy holiday season, call Air Control Home Services for expert drain cleaning in Lake Havasu City.

4 reasons to call Air Control for drain cleaning this holiday season

If you’re having drain problems, don’t rely on some DIY method you found on the internet. Instead, call in the pros at Air Control Home Services. Here are four reasons you should give us a call.

1. Keep your sink from smelling terrible for guests

Call Air Control for drain cleaning this holiday season

You’re going to have a lot of people in your kitchen making food this holiday season. The last thing you want is your guests holding their nose around your sink.

Food clogs and accumulation can cause foul smells. Call in the plumbers at Air Control for drain cleaning that removes these odors and makes your sink smell great.

2. Keep your sinks (and everything else) running

The holidays are the busiest time of year for plumbers. (The busiest day is the day after Thanksgiving). That’s because your kitchen and bathroom sinks are in full use, and people are often trying to put too much food waste (or the wrong kind of food waste, such as grease and turkey bones) down the disposal. We get a lot of calls to clean pipes of turkey and ham bones.

Here’s the problem: a kitchen sink clog during the holidays can mean a backup in the kitchen and the delay of dinner. That’s why we offer emergency plumbing repair service in Lake Havasu City.

3. Avoid using chemicals to clear clogs

For many people, their first instinct when they have a clogged kitchen sink is to reach for some store-bought chemical agent that promises to wipe out the clog. Here’s the thing: any chemical that’s caustic enough to eat through grease and food waste is probably also tough enough to do a number on your pipes. Residential pipe cleaners should be a last resort.

Air Control clears clogs primarily using specialized plumbing tools that allow us to reach down within the pipe and physically clear the obstruction. This is far safer for your pipes, and means you don’t have to keep dangerous chemicals around your home.

4. Retrieve lost items (such as wedding rings)

You’re cleaning your dishes after that filling holiday meal. Suddenly, that dish soap causes your wedding ring to slip off, and down it goes. If you or your guests lose something valuable down the sink, Air Control’s plumbers have the tools to help retrieve it, without damage to the item or to your pipes.

Retrieving your wedding ring doesn’t just get you something precious back. Removing foreign, non-food objects from your sink can help prevent a future clog. That’s a win-win.

This holiday season, call Air Control for your drain cleaning needs

Contact us for professional plumbing services in Lake Havasu City. Our experienced plumbers can clean all types of drains inside the house and prevent plumbing problems. For emergency service, give us a call at (928) 680-0600.

Here are the 4 signs you need heating repair this winter

A properly working furnace or heat pump is key to your home’s comfort in the winter. That’s one of the reasons we recommend a fall tune-up. It’s also a reason to keep an eye out for signs you need heating repair.

Here are the four big signs that indicate trouble with your heating system. If you detect any of the signs listed here, you should contact Air Control for a diagnosis and for emergency heating repair.

The four signs you need heating repair

There’s a lot that can go wrong with a furnace or heat pump. Here are the four most common signs that you need heating repair—and the signs that you need to call Air Control for HVAC repair services in Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Mohave County.

#1. Your system is making strange noises

If you hear strange noises—such as squeaking, thumping, humming, or rumbling—coming from the furnace or heating system, you should call a professional technician to inspect the system.

Your system can make these noises for many reasons. Squeaking can just be a part that needs a specially formulated lubricant for furnace parts. Thumping can problem with the ignition in the heat exchanger. Never think that a strange sound is nothing! When in doubt, call in the pros for an inspection.

#2. Your system isn’t heating correctly

Insufficient heating can happen for many reasons. The most-probable cause of insufficient heating include thermostat problems and faulty heating elements. If you’re shivering in your home, it could just be because your thermostat is failing to recognize that the temperature in your home is dropping.

#3. Cracked heat exchanger in your furnace and other problems

All furnaces have a component known as the heat exchanger. It’s responsible for generating the warm air that then goes into your home. Heat exchangers are relatively reliable, but can develop small cracks over time that add up to big problems.

For one, a cracked heat exchanger can potentially leak carbon monoxide gas. That’s because the gas is a byproduct of combustion. Colorless and odorless, carbon monoxide is extremely hazardous and poses a safety risk to you and your family.

If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, or you notice cracks in the system, turn everything off and call in the pros at Air Control. One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace remains safe to operate is to call us for annual heating maintenance.

#4. There’s no blue flame in your furnace

An efficiently working gas furnace exhibits a blue flame. In case the flame is any other color, you should get the system checked immediately. This could be a sign of a fatal carbon monoxide leak. A professional technician will check the flame and perform necessary repairs to resolve this dangerous problem.

Only trust a professional when there are signs you need heating repair

If you observe any of the signals above, you should contact a professional to resolve the problem. Air Control has NATE-certified technicians who can easily diagnose heating issues and repair your system.

It may seem like you are saving money when you contact an inexperienced technician, but you will end up losing money in the long run due to improper repairs. You should hire an experienced and certified professional to ensure that your system is properly repaired so that you can stay warm and comfortable during winter months.

Call Air Control for service in Lake Havasu City and Mohave County

Do you live in Lake Havasu, Mohave County, Bullhead City, or nearby areas in Arizona? Contact the NATE-certified professionals at Air Control Home Services for your furnace repair needs.