Signs that your air conditioner needs a new air condenser installed

Air Condenser Replacement The air conditioner is made up of several different parts. The air condenser is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner, as it plays a vital role in heat transfer that results in the generation of cool air.

In case a fault develops with the condenser unit, you can either have it fixed or replaced. Some of the issues will require minor repairs, while major faults will require installing a new air conditioner.

In this blog post, we’ll run through some of the signs that your air conditioner needs a air condenser installed. For more information and to schedule AC service, contact the trusted team at Air Control Home Services.

When to replace the air condenser unit

Some of the problems that can occur with the condenser unit include a burnt motor, fault in the control board, a faulty run capacitor, a defective condenser relay switch, leakage, damaged coils, and blockage.

Not all faults with the air conditioner condenser unit will require replacement of the unit. A replacement of the unit is recommended only in case it develops the following two issues:

1. Leakage

A leak may seem like a minor issue. However, it is a major fault. If your condenser develops a leak, it must be replaced by a professional technician. The reason for this is that the seals and tubes that prevent the leaks can’t be repaired or replaced.

Leaks occur within the damaged seals and tubes. They are the common reason for condenser breakdown. The tube can get punctured, ruptured, or turn brittle. Similarly, seals wear down over time. Although these components can also get damaged due to an impact, mainly they get damaged over time due to normal wear-and-tear.

2. Blockage

A blockage is another critical fault with the air condenser unit. Debris and dust particles can build up inside the unit and ultimately lead to blockage. Moreover, metal particles of the unit can also breakdown resulting in a blockage.

Blockage can occur due to normal wear-and-tear. Also, if the unit is not maintained properly, it can accelerate the process of blockage. If the blockage occurs, it’s a sign that you have to replace the air condenser. Furthermore, you may also have to replace some other expensive parts such as the compressor.

If this is the case, you should strongly consider buying a new air conditioner.

Have Air Control inspect your air condenser

The air condenser is an important component of the air conditioner. The above two conditions are clear signs that the unit needs to be replaced. Other minor faults can be easily repaired by a professional technician. If you want to get the help of an experienced technician in Mohave County, Lake Havasu, or Bullhead City in Arizona, Air Control Home Services. We have been serving the area with complete professionalism and honesty for decades.