Here’s why you should get your air ducts sealed with Aeroseal

Lake Havasu AZ Aeroseal Air Ducts Sealing ServiceIn most cases, your home’s air ducts are hidden from sight, behind walls and inside walls and attics. For this reason, most homeowners tend to forget about them. This might be why—when it comes time to think about energy efficiency—most people think about having their air conditioner or furnace looked at by a trained professional. While that’s not a bad idea, it’s also important to consider the space through which cooled and heated air reaches your home: your air ducts.

If your air ducts have leaks, cracks, or fractures, you could be looking at significantly lower energy efficiency numbers for your air conditioner and furnace. That’s why Air Control is an Aeroseal certified dealer. Aeroseal is a revolutionary technology that allows one of our technicians to apply sealant to tiny air leaks from the inside of your ducts, eliminating the need for expensive renovations to get at the ducts from the outside. When we apply this treatment, you’ll see your energy bills drop by as much as 30 to 40 percent.

How does Aeroseal work?

Developed by scientists at the University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the mid-90s, Aeroseal is a technology that uses physics to seal air leaks from within air ducts. First, the Air Control technician seals all the vents to your ducts, including taking steps to protect the vents leading to your furnace and air conditioner. Then, we hook a tube to the duct entry, through which air is blown. Since all the other ends are sealed, the only way the air can escape is through the duct leaks.

From here, our technician adds the sealant. Completely non-toxic, the sealant particles travel through the ducts until they reach the point of the breach. From there, they hit the leak, colliding with one another until the hole is patched and the leak is sealed. Once no air can pass through the gap, the sealant travels to the next point of exit, until the ducts are completely sealed. The sealant air drys, and then the ductwork has been successfully sealed and is now ready to be used again.

Overall, the process only uses 1-2 ounces of sealant, and can patch leaks that are up to 5/8ths of an inch wide. The new seals will last for 40 years or more in most homes, and Aeroseal guarantees the material for 10 years.

What are some of the benefits of sealing your air ducts?

First and foremost, Aeroseal can save you some serious money on your monthly cooling and heating bills. Many homeowners report their bills dropping by up to 40% after the sealant is applied. This is because the escape of cooled or heated air before it reaches its destination is effectively wasted. These savings are significant because, unlike with maintenance specific to one system or another, Aeroseal fixes problems with the ducts used year round in your home. So, you’ll be saving 40% every month on your energy bills, potentially every month of the year. Here in Arizona, you’ll save more in the summer, of course.

Another benefit of Aeroseal is that it helps eliminate cold and hot spots in your home, giving you more consistently comfort throughout your house and in every room. If you’ve noticed that your thermostat says one temperature, but you feel that your bedroom and kitchen are on the opposite ends of a spectrum, Aeroseal might be able to help.

There are many other benefits to having the Aeroseal process used to seal your home’s air ducts, including an improvement in indoor air quality that comes about as a reduction in pollutants, allergens, and dust that can enter your household through duct leaks. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the Air Control team!

Air Control’s technicians are your Aeroseal experts

At Air Control, our team knows Aeroseal. We’ve been using this product in homes all of western Arizona for longer than any other HVAC company in the region, and our technicians have the training and experienced needed to properly apply the treatment to your air ducts. If you’re considering Aeroseal, give us a call. We’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.