New Furnace Installs – Do You Need to Hire a Pro?

Proper maintenance of your home furnace will certainly increase its durability, but no furnace will last forever. Sometimes new furnace installs are a better option than repairing old furnaces. Consider this – does your furnace run as effectively and efficiently as it used to? Has it already cost you a fortune due to frequent repairs? Are your monthly electricity bills too high, even when the outside temperature is pleasant?          

A healthy and comfortable home environment requires a safe and energy-efficient furnace. In order to ensure such an environment, it’s crucial to know when its the right time for a new furnace. Here are some common signs that show you need to start planning for a new furnace installation.

New furnace installs – when is the right time?

With the winter coming, it is important to check if you need a new furnace installed. A snowy, cold winter night is certainly not the right time for a major furnace repair or replacement. To prevent unpleasant surprises related to your heating system, it is always good to pay attention to these “warning signs”.

Speaking of new furnace installs, it is crucial to consider the temperature inside your home. Is the room temperature even in all areas of the house? Is the temperature keeping you and your family comfortable, or do you have to adjust it frequently? Are some rooms too hot, while others are too cold? If you feel that the temperature is different in some areas, it is time to contact a professional.


Rising energy costs are another sign that you should consider a new furnace installation. As heating systems lose their efficiency over the years, they don’t provide the same heat they did when they were new. This is especially true if the furnace has not been properly maintained. Instead of paying high monthly bills for energy, it is better to pay for a new, highly efficient, energy saving furnace, and look into professional furnace installs.

If your furnace makes weird, unusual noises, it is time to contact a pro and consider purchasing a new one. As most old furnaces start making strange noises, pay attention if you hear any squealing or banging sounds – if you notice these sounds, your furnace blower is running excessively.

Furthermore, if your furnace is over fifteen years old, you should consider replacing it within the next couple of years. As shopping for a furnace in times of emergency can be stressful, most people make such a purchase part of their planned home improvement. Having enough time to choose, compare and create a financial plan for buying a new furnace is always an advantage.

If a furnace is older than fifteen years, it most likely lacks the ability to clean and moisturize the air in the house. This results in the house air being stale or stuffy, and may trigger allergies in humans and drying plants. However, poor air quality can occur due to other reasons, beside an old furnace not being able to run properly. If you notice any of these signs, it is always important to consult an experienced professional.  

Furnace installation – DIY or call a pro

Furnace installation is not an easy job. Due to a few safety risks and energy efficiency matters, it is considered quite a responsible and challenging task. Even though furnace installs seem simple and easy when performed by professionals, they can be a tricky, complicated experience for amateurs.

Speaking of new furnace installs, safety is a priority. Unless you are a pro, chances are you haven’t been trained to handle heating equipment properly. If not installed and fastened correctly, your furnace can be placed improperly and get damaged, injuring you or your family in the process.  


Furthermore, if your furnace is not tested and fitted properly, the risk of leaks in the heating system will increase. If leaks occur, the hot air will get wasted, causing the furnace to work harder to warm up your home. This directly affects your energy bills and increases your monthly costs for electricity.

Do-it-yourself new furnace installs can not only cause injuries, but also cause a void in the warranty of the furnace. So, as much as you may feel confident about installing the furnace yourself, you would be better off if you ask a professional to do it. That way, you will avoid any unpleasant situations and will avoid putting your life at risk.

Benefits of working with a pro

When it comes to new furnace installs, hiring an experienced, licensed professional offers many benefits. With the house heating systems being so complex, having a pro to deal with installation issues is always a good idea. It means that instead of risking your own safety, you choose to leave the matter to a skillful team that has demonstrated knowledge and competence in countless occasions.


High quality performance

A skillful furnace technician has access to the most current products and techniques. This is especially true when furnace technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified. At Air Control Air Conditioning & Heating, we only hire NATE certified, highly qualified individuals. Each of our team members passes a stringent set of tests to prove their level of proficiency.

Prolonged durability

Experienced furnace professionals are knowledgeable in maintaining your heating system properly, and can easily access all of its parts. They are familiar with the detailed specification of the system, so they can set every component in an optimal way, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. When all components of the furnace are set optimally, your heating system will last longer and be more energy efficient.

Financial protection

When it comes to getting a pricey, complex new furnace, it is important to remember that only certified, licensed furnace contractors have bonding and insurance. This means that if something happens to the technicians while working on your new furnace, both you and your property will not be held responsible.

Valid warranty

In most cases, furnace manufacturers suggest hiring certified furnace contractors to perform new furnace installs or do particular work on a heating system. Professional furnace technicians will install the heating system precisely and properly, giving you a peace of mind.