How to Help Your Air Conditioning System be more Efficient.

The importance of an energy efficient air conditioning system is often times overlooked. We think, “Oh as long as my house is staying cool, than what is there to really worry about?” But with heating and cooling costs making up 50% of your energy expenses, it’s extremely important to make energy efficiency a priority. Not only will it help save you money on energy costs, but it will help to make your home more comfortable and extend the life of your air conditioning unit saving you more money in the long run.

Tips for a More Energy Efficient A/C Unit

In order to help your air conditioning unit operate more efficiently there are some steps that you can take. Unfortunately, it won’t just magically happen it is going to take some knowledge on your part, help from HVAC professionals, and developing some easy household habits that will improve your A/C’s overall efficiency. Consider some of these tips when looking to boost your air conditioning unit’s efficiency.

Schedule Regular Tune-Ups and Maintenance

It’s every HVAC professional’s favorite catch phrase… “Get your Air Conditioning  unit Tuned-Up Regularly!” Believe it or not, this is not just a sales pitch. Regular A/C tune-ups are the best way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently throughout the year. The best time to get your A/C tuned up is usually in the spring before the heat of the summer months kick in! Regular tune-ups will also help you catch potential problems before they become serious issues. Sorry to throw this catch phrase at you again, but if you want your air conditioner to perform at it’s best and to last as long as possible, find a professional HVAC unit and get your air conditioning unit tuned-up regularly!

Get Repairs Done ASAP


Air conditioning problems can often start off small, but then fester into larger and more expensive problems. If you notice a change in the efficiency of your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home or there are other noticeable problems, don’t ignore it and hope that it goes away. Call an HVAC professional asap to diagnose the problem and get it taken care of before it gets any worse. Catching repairs in a timely manner will help you air conditioning unit to maintain a high level of efficiency.

Inspect Your Air Duct System

Leaky air ducts could cause a HUGE problem in your air conditioner’s efficiency! If a percentage of your cool air is escaping through your duct work on the way to your home, then your air conditioner is going to have to step it up a notch and work harder to help your home reach that optimum temperature. When your a/c is having to work harder to cool your home, it takes a toll on the entire unit making it more likely to need repairs in the future. You will also see a noticeable difference in your energy costs. Luckily, there have been some awesome breakthroughs in air duct sealing! Aeroseal for instance is a new technology that can reduce the leaks in your air duct system by up to 90%! That means that the crisp, cool air produced by your air conditioning system won’t be lost along the journey through your air ducts.

Install a Programable Thermostat

Isn’t it nice when tasks and chores that you commonly forget about are taken care of for you. For example, as much as you try to remember to adjust your thermostat when you leave the house everyday so your air conditioning isn’t blasting cool air into an empty home, sometimes we forget. And when you walk through the door when you get home and feel that chill, you can almost hear your hard earned dollars blowing out the window. A programable thermostat will solve this problem for you. All you have to do is program it to specific temperatures throughout the day. This way it will automatically adjust when you leave the house for work, and you won’t need to worry about your poor a/c working hard all day long for no reason.

Replace your Air Conditioner’s Filters


With all of the work that these filters do, they get dirty! If the filters aren’t replaced on a regular basis, it will not only drastically reduce the efficiency of your A/C unit but it could potentially cause damage that would need repair. It’s a quick and simple solution but it’s extremely important for you air conditioner’s efficiency.


Take a look at the vents around your home that let the cool air from your air conditioner pass through. Are they clogged and dirty preventing the cold air from passing through? Or maybe there is furniture or other objects that are obstructing the cycle of cold air. Do a quick inspection of the vents in your home and make sure that they are clean and clear from any obstructions.


Other Sources of Cooling

Finding other ways to cool down while inside your home will make you less dependent on your overly worked air conditioning unit. Giving your A/C unit a break from being the one source of cool air will help with it’s overall efficiency, as well as extend it’s life. You will also notice a difference in your next energy bill by relying on other sources to help keep you cool. Some suggestions would include

  • installing a ceiling fan or purchasing a floor fan
  • closing all of the curtains to block out the heat of the sun
  • Pay attention to windows and doors making sure they aren’t left open
  • Avoid activities such as laundry and baking until the coolest part of the day

Consider Replacing your Air Conditioning Unit

If your unit is 12-15 years old, it might be worth considering upgrading to a more energy efficient model. Installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit can reduce your cooling costs by up to 20%. Balance the cost of the new unit with the high monthly energy bills and the unforeseen repair costs that your older A/C unit will likely incur and decide if this might be the right decision for your home.

Make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to improve the energy efficiency in your home! If you would like more information on improving your air conditioner’s efficiency we would be happy to help! Give us a call at Air Control Air Conditioning and Heating.