Why HVAC Annual Maintenance Matters

HVAC Annual MaintenanceJust as an automobile requires regular servicing for optimal performance, your home’s HVAC systems require annual maintenance from qualified technicians to ensure optimal heating and cooling

After all, no matter how expensive is the system or the manufacturer claim that it requires no maintenance, it is bound to incur wear and tear.

Annual maintenance is important for many reasons. If you shrug off the idea of regular HVAC maintenance to save cost or think that it is not necessary, once you read about the benefits mentioned below you will never put off the task again.

Lower risk of emergency breakdowns

The main benefit of annual maintenance is it ensures that the system keeps running efficiently with reduced risk of surprise breakdowns. Only those people that have gone through the experience can realize the agony and pain of a heating or cooling device breaking down in the middle of a frigid winter or sweltering summer.

With an annual maintenance, the odds of an emergency breakdown are greatly diminished.

Lower repair costs

Another benefit of annual HVAC maintenance is that it reduces the repair costs. When you have the system regularly serviced, there will be less need for repairs. The cost that you pay for the annual maintenance will be more than worth it in the end as you won’t have to incur cost of frequent repairs or replacement of the HVAC unit.

Reduced energy bills

Another benefit of annual service of the HVAC unit is that you will incur lower energy bills. A system that is properly maintained will draw less heat to power or cool the room. This will keep the heating bill down resulting in great cost savings for you over the long term.

Safer operation

A faulty HVAC unit poses a fire hazard. The system may overheat and catch fire if it is not properly maintained. Moreover, there is a risk that carbon monoxide gas may leak from the furnace heat exchanger if not properly serviced thereby compromising the safety of the households.

In addition, poorly maintained electric HVAC systems can short circuit that can damage the house wiring and create a fire hazard as well.

Longer equipment life

HVAC systems can last for a long time if they are serviced and cleaned regularly. A single malfunctioning part can cause major damage to the system. That’s why it’s important that you have the system serviced regularly. Regular maintenance will add years to the life of the HVAC system thereby resulting in great cost savings for you.

Call Air Control for annual maintenance of HVAC systems

Do you want help of certified and experienced HVAC technicians in Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, and Mohave County in Arizona? If so, you can contact Air Control Home Services for annual maintenance of your HVAC system.

Furnace 101: Why Is My Furnace Cycling (Turn Off & On) So Frequently?

Furnace Cycling TroubleshootingProper functioning of the furnace is important if you want to remain warm inside the house during the winter. One problem that sometimes occurs with the furnace is that it turns on and off frequently, also known as “furnace cycling.”

This is a sure sign that you need furnace repair service from one of the experienced technicians at Air Control Home Services.

Furnace cycling not only results in improper heating but also could damage the unit. Moreover, it could result in increased energy bills, as well.

Below are some of the common reasons why the furnace turns on and off frequently resulting in improper heating through furnace cycling

Faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat may keep the furnace from turning on and off frequently. If the thermostat is battery powered, you should consider replacing the battery and see if it fixes the problem. In case the thermostat is not battery powered, you should have a professional check the low-voltage wires inside the device.

Wrong location for the thermostat

In some cases, the problem can also be solved by simply relocating the thermostat to a new location. If the thermostat is located close to a heat source such as near the windows, it will sense the house has become warm and shut off the furnace early.

Clogged air filter

Clogged air filter can result in many problems including making the furnace turn on and off frequently. The dirty filter prevents proper air flow. This results in overheating of the system due to which it will shut off automatically as a safety precaution. Changing or cleaning the dirty air filter will likely resolve the problem.

Improperly sized furnace

Lastly, you should keep in mind that an improper sized furnace can result in frequent cycling. The reason is that it will heat the house quickly and then turn off. The frequent cycling leads to overheating problem that could damage the system. Likewise, if the furnace is small it will result in frequent cycling. A professional technician can tell you whether the furnace is too big or small for the house.

This is not a DIY task

Whatever problems that you face regarding the furnace, it’s essential that you let the experts resolve the problem. In no event, should you try to repair the furnace yourself. Keep in mind that furnace repairs is not a DIY task. You need to let the professional take care of all kinds of furnace repair and installation issues.

Furnace cycling? Call in the experts at Air Control Home Services

If you want help of professional and certified furnace technicians in Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, and Mohave County in Arizona, you can contact Air Control Home Services. We have a team of NATE certified technicians who can offer you 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all kinds of furnace repair tasks.

Carbon Monoxide: How To Keep Your Furnace Operating Safely

Regular Furnace Tune Up Prevents Carbon Monoxide PoisoningThe importance of regular furnace tune-up cannot be emphasized enough. Keeping the furnace properly tuned not just ensures efficient operation, it also prevents build up of dangerous gases inside the house. If the furnace is not kept properly tuned, dangerous carbon monoxide gas can leak inside the house.

What is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. Effectively invisible, it’s lethal in sufficient doses.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in a number of uncomfortable health symptoms including weakness, dizziness, upset stomach, chest pain, vomiting, and in some cases even death.

That’s why it is essential that you have the system properly tuned by a professional and experienced technician.

How do carbon monoxide leaks occur?

Carbon monoxide leak can occur inside the house in case of a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is an important component of the furnace that allows transfer of heat from one medium to another.

The heat exchanger inside the furnace consists of metal sheet that is heated once the burner is lit up. Cold air passes outside of the heat exchanger and becomes warm. This warm air is circulated inside the room through the ductwork.

The natural gas that burns inside the furnace to generate the heat produces by-products including carbon monoxide that is kept by the heat exchanger. In case a crack develops in the heat exchanger, the carbon monoxide can leak and circulate through the ducts inside the rooms thereby posing a major health risk for the family.

You can’t normally see or smell carbon monoxide. Also, the crack in the furnace is not easily visible. The only way to detect the leak would be to use a carbon monoxide detector.

How do furnaces develop cracks?

There are many reasons that the heat exchanger can develop a crack. They develop crack as a result of normal wear and tear. Normally, cracks tend to occur about 15 years of use. But if the system is not serviced regularly, the cracks can occur even earlier.

Another cause for the cracks to appear in the heat exchanger is that the furnace is too big for the home. This results in shorter cycling that causes the exchanger to heat up and cool down rather quickly. Eventually, a crack will develop through which the carbon monoxide can leak inside the house.

Also, clogged furnace filter can also cause cracks to appear in the heat exchanger. Dirty or dusty air filter will lead to overheating problem. Overtime this can result in cracks inside the exchanger.

Avoiding carbon monoxide problems

The best way to avoid leakage is to have the furnace serviced regularly by an experienced technician. Consider signing an annual maintenance contract with the furnace repair company to ensure that your system remains in good shape.

If you want to get in touch with technicians in Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City, and Mohave County in Arizona, you can contact Air Control Home Services.

Gas or electric furnace: Which one is the right choice for your home?

Gas vs. Electric Heater: Which One is the Right ChoiceA home heating system is essential in the winter. Heating systems and furnaces allow homeowners to remain warm and comfortable during the cold months. When it comes to buying furnace heaters, people generally have two choices: a gas or electric furnace.

A number of factors need to be considered when selecting a new gas or electric furnace. Here are just some of the things to consider:

The upfront cost of the equipment

Electric furnaces are generally less expensive than gas furnaces. However, while the upfront cost of the electric heater is generally low, they generally cost more to operate as compared to gas heaters. The operating cost of gas heaters is much less as compared to the electric heaters because they’re more energy efficient.

The cost of operating a gas or electric furnace

The operating cost of a heating device is determined by many different factors, such as the cost-per-unit of fuel and the energy efficiency of the heating device. Electric heaters provide annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of about 95 to 100 percent.

Assuming a 100 percent AFUE, the cost of operating electric heater is $33.32 per million BTUs of heat.

On the other hand, natural gas is usually sold in therms. One therm is equivalent to about 100,000 BTUs. Gas furnaces generally have efficiency ratings of 78 percent and above. For a 100-percent AFUE, the operating cost of gas furnaces comes to around $12.92 per million BTUs.

This means that it is much less costly to operate gas furnaces as compared to electric furnaces, resulting in cost savings for the homeowner over time.

The environmental cost of the furnace

While the upfront price and ongoing operating costs top the list of concerns when buying a gas or electric furnace, it’s also essential to consider the environmental costs when making a purchase decision. When it comes to carbon footprint on the environment, gas furnaces are generally a better option.

Electric heaters, on the other hand, consume more energy, so they present a greater carbon footprint as compared to gas heaters.

While the production of natural gas also results in greenhouse gas emission, the environmental costs are much less as compared to the coal that is mostly used to generate electricity.

Heating performance

Gas heaters tend to warm the room more quickly as compared to electric heaters. This is because the gas furnaces produce maximum heat as soon as the burner starts. On the other hand, electric heaters start to heat a few minutes after switching on the burner.

Is your old furnace at the end of its life? Do you want to install a new furnace in the home? If so, you should give us a call or contact us. Our technicians are licensed to offer high-quality services for repair and replacement of the home furnace.

Should you have Air Control repair or replace your furnace?

Here in Mohave County, winter is well underway. Chances are that you’ve turned on your furnace for the season and it’s been keeping your family warm on these cold nights. But, then, out of nowhere, it stops running. Now, you’re faced with a big decision: should you have Air Control repair or replace your furnace?

It’s a choice that almost every homeowner eventually has to make, especially as their furnace gets older and more prone to breakdowns. In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the factors you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your heating system. For either service, Air Control Home Services is your go-to source for HVAC expertise, service, and products.

furnace repair and installation

Air Control handles both furnace repair and installation.

Factor #1: Age of the system

As furnaces get older, they tend to slow down, losing both energy efficiency and their heating performance. Proper maintenance from a certified HVAC company like Air Control can help prolong their life, but most furnaces only last 12-15 years, and some only make it past a decade before parts begin to fail. When something goes wrong and the system breaks down, you’re stuck with a decision: do you repair or replace your aging furnace?

Remember: a new furnace will be more energy efficient and reliable than your aging one, so upgrading to a new furnace—while costing more upfront—could also yield monthly savings on your energy bills for years to come. Plus, fixing your older system is no guarantee that something else—unrelated to the original breakdown—could break, putting you back at square one.

That’s not to say that you need to run out and replace a decade-old furnace just because it’s past that threshold. But, do talk with your Air Control technician about your options. You may find that the costs of keeping an older system running are higher than you might think.

Factor #2: System performance

So far, we’ve been discussing the decision to repair or replace your furnace within the scenario that your furnace is currently broken. But, there are circumstances under which your older furnace is technically working, but it might be a good idea to get it replaced in the near future.

Should you repair or replace your furnace?

If your furnace isn’t heating your home like it used to, it might be time to upgrade to a new furnace.

As we mentioned, most furnaces slow down their performance as they age. Parts don’t move as well as they did when they were new, and your furnace has to work much harder and burn far more energy to create the same amount of heating it once did. Not only is this going to result in a spike on your heating bills, but you’ll start to feel the impacts in your home, including: hot and cold spots, poor air movement, and rooms that just aren’t receiving heat.

If your home is struggling with poor heating performance, give Air Control a call. Our experienced technicians can inspect your system for any problems and give you an honest, no-obligation recommendation on whether you should repair or replace your home’s furnace.

Factor #3: The cost of everything

Air Control offers upfront estimates for all the repairs that we do. When you get your estimate, weigh it against the potential cost of a new system, and then consider the cost of higher energy bills and the potential for even more repairs to pop up in coming years. It might make better financial sense to replace your furnace than to repair it.

One final thing to consider: the furnaces we install come with manufacturer’s warranties that protect the system for a select number of years. So, not only would you be upgrading to a newer furnace that is far less likely to need repairs, but you could also be protected against any repairs that are needed.

Looking for some other factors to consider? Here are some tips on when to replace your furnace from Energy Star.

Repair or replace? Either way, Air Control can help

We offer both furnace repair services and new furnace installation—including ductless cooling and heating systems. If your furnace needs to be repaired or inspected, we offer 24/7 emergency service at locations throughout Mohave County, including Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Kingman. We’re an official Trane dealer with NATE-certified techs, and we offer free in-home estimates on all new system installations.

Our team can help you decide whether to repair or replace your furnace. To get started, give us a call at (928) 846-8562 or contact us online.

Get a free in-home quote for a new Trane furnace

Winter is almost here in Lake Havasu City, and the nighttime temperatures are beginning to dip. Your family’s comfort matters, and if your old furnace is on death’s door, it might be time for an upgrade. Luckily, Air Control is here to help. We’re a certified Trane dealer, and we carry a large line of new furnaces and heating systems to fit every kind of home.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons you should have Air Control install a new Trane furnace in your home. We’ll also break down what makes Trane such a great brand. As always, give us a call at (928) 846-8562 to learn more.

Trane Comfort Specialist Trane FurnaceNothing stops a Trane

Founded in the late 1880s, Trane has since grown into one of the world’s largest and most trusted HVAC companies. Their name is synonymous with quality in manufacturing, and their calling card is reliability and durability, hence their tagline: “Nothing stops a Trane.” Perhaps nothing emphasizes this more than Snowball II. An experiment started in 2000, Snowball II is one of their systems that has been running consistently for more than 16 years while exposed to severe cold and heat conditions. Trane has taken everything they’ve learned from Snowball II and built that reliability into their current line of air conditioners and furnaces.

If you’re looking for a furnace that you can rely on for years to come, give Air Control a call and schedule your free, in-home estimate today.

Energy-efficient heating

Trane engineers new furnaces to maximum energy efficiency and performance. They understand that today’s heating systems need to save homeowners money on their winter energy bills without compromising home comfort. The current lineup of Trane systems meets this standard. In fact, most Trane furnaces are Energy Star certified.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly half the energy spent in your home goes to running your air conditioner and furnace. This means that upgrading to new energy-efficient Trane systems can really save you money. After all, and older, aging furnace is not only less efficient because of old age and wear and tear, but also because it hasn’t been upgraded the technology from the past two decades. In contrast, a new Trane furnace is ready to save you energy and money.

To learn more ways you can boost your home’s energy efficiency, be sure to read our blog post detailing all the ways you can upgrade your home.

Are you ready to upgrade to a new Trane furnace?

Air Control is your source for reliable and energy-efficient Trane heating systems. We’re a certified dealer, and we carry a wide variety of Trane systems. Our NATE-certified technicians can professionally install a new Trane furnace in your home, guaranteeing you winter comfort.

To get started, give us a call. We offer free, in-home estimates, and we’ll dispatch a professional to measure your home and talk with you about your family’s heating needs. We’ll help you determine if you need a new furnace from Trane, or if your home would be best served by a Trane ductless system. Again: this consultation is completely free and convenient. Even if you’ve just been thinking about replacing your furnace in the near future, a free in-home estimate can help you determine what the cost will be.

If you’re ready to schedule your free in-home estimate, give Air Control a call at (928) 846-8562 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ductless systems: Are they right for your home?

Air Control is the nation’s leading installer of Trane ductless cooling and heating systems. That’s right: we install more of these advanced systems in Mohave County than any other HVAC company in the United States. To put it another way, we know our ductless systems, and how they work.

Is your home right for a ductless system? To find out, keep reading, or give the Air Control team a call to learn more about our ductless systems.

Ductless Heating & Cooling Lake Havasu Installation

Many Trane systems are floor units, while others can be wall-mounted.

Do you have a historic home?

Some homes were built before in-home, duct-driven air conditioning became a popular amenity. As a result, they don’t have ductwork to support normal air conditioning solutions, and the addition of ducts would ruin the historical value of the home or be a major renovation project costing thousands and thousands of dollars. A ductless system is perfect for these kind of homes. With minimal intrusion, a mini-split allows enormous flexibility, with either floor units or wall-mounted ones.

Just because you live in an older home doesn’t mean you have to live in the nineteenth century. Give Air Control a call to learn about our wide selection of ductless systems.

Do you have an addition to your home?

If so, it may be unrealistic or impossible to route ducts to this new addition. Ductless systems were built for these kind of setups. Since they don’t require ductwork to be installed, they’re perfect for garages, closed-in patios, workshops, or added rooms where it’s not feasible to put ducts. Plus, ductless cooling and heating solutions will allow you to only condition the air in that addition when you need it. So, if you have a new guest room or mother-in-law suite, a ductless system will let you turn on comfort when people are staying with you, and turn it off when they’re not there.

In addition, not using ducts can make your indoor air quality that much better.

Are you trying to make your home more energy efficient?

In most cases, ductless cooling and heating systems can help you save energy—and thus save you on your monthly energy bills. One of the reasons that ductless systems are more energy efficient is because cooled or heated air loses energy rapidly as its pushed through ducts. In fact, ducts can eat up 30% of energy—and that’s without the all-too-common duct leaks found in most homes. When you get a ductless system, you’ll automatically be saving energy by simply not having ducts.

However, these systems have other energy benefits. Split room systems allow you to provide different levels of comfort to each part of your home, so that each “zone” has its own cooling and heating. You can turn down the temperature in one room that you’re in without having to spend to chill the entire house. It’s a better way to cool and heat your home.

Does your home have hot and cold spots?

It’s pretty common for homes—especially older ones—to have hot and cold spots. These are places where the air conditioning or furnace doesn’t really impact as well as they should, and your comfort is negatively impacted. For example, some people note that their kitchen will be hot in the summer while the rest of their home could be mistaken for a research station in Antarctica.

The solution could be a ductless system. By adding this system in addition to your normal, duct-driven air conditioning, you can adjust the comfort in particular rooms, making your entire house comfortable.

Is it time to upgrade to a ductless system?

If a ductless system fits your home’s needs, contact us or give the Air Control team a call today at 928-846-8562. Our NATE-certified techs will help match you to the system that’s right for your house and comfort needs.

Five reasons to join Club Air Control

Your air conditioner and furnace require annual maintenance from a professional to keep them running right and at high efficiency. However, in the rush of everyday life, it can be difficult to remember to schedule a seasonal tune-up, and forgetting can have long-term consequences for your home’s comfort and your system.

Instead, join Club Air Control. It’s a maintenance program with serious perks and benefits. As a Club member, we’ll call you to schedule tune-ups, taking the stress out of HVAC upkeep. If you’re ready for the next level of service, join Club Air Control.

AC Tune-ups with Club Air Control#1. With Club Air Control, you’ll receive priority service

In some industries and businesses, it’s typical to treat the customer like they’re nothing special. Not at Air Control, and especially not for our Club Air Control members. When you’re a part of our club, you’ll know you’re a VIP to us. We’ll prioritize your home’s service over that of all other customers. That means that no matter when you call or no matter how busy you are, we’ll quickly travel to your location and help you.

#2. Your repairs will be guaranteed for 30 days

When our service vehicle rolls away, you want the peace of mind of knowing that the repair has been done right without any issues. As a member of Club Air Control, you’ll have that certainty. We guarantee all members that—if their air conditioner encounters any issues in the 30 days after we’ve made a repair or service visit—we’ll waive the dispatch fee.

#3. No overtime charges for weekends and holidays

A great HVAC company should be there for you when you need help. That’s why Club Air Control members are not charged for overtime when they call for repairs on weekends and holidays. So, no matter what day or time, give the professionals at Air Control a call to schedule your service visit.

#4. The parts we use are guaranteed for life

As an added bonus, Air Control customers receive a lifetime warranty on certain HVAC parts. Should a part break after we’ve replaced it, we’ll put a new one into your system. Repairs are also guaranteed, depending on what they entail.

#5: You can take 20% off of all repairs

Regular tune-ups should have your system running great; after all, it’s estimated that annual maintenance can prevent up to 80% of the breakdowns that necessitate repairs. Should you need repairs, however, Air Control will provide you with 20% off.

What makes Air Control different?

Since 1990, Air Control has provided the residents and businesses of Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, Parker, and Kingman with cooling and heating services. From our Club Air Control to our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, we care deeply about customers. That’s because we’re family-owned and locally operated, and our technicians are members of Mohave County’s communities, too.

Learn more about Air Control or give us a call to schedule your service or learn more about Club Air Control.

What to consider when your furnace needs to be repaired

Mohave County is in the midst of winter, and your furnace keeps you warm during cold nights. When it goes out, you and your family need it back on—and fast. In this post, we’ll review some basics you should keep in mind when you find yourself without a functioning heating system and need to have your furnace repaired.

It might be more than a breakdown

Most people consider furnace repair only when their system breaks down, or stops functioning altogether. However, there are a variety of problems that a still-operating—but malfunctioning—furnace can raise for your home, your budget, and even your family’s health.

Higher energy bills

If you open your energy bill and physically recoil at the sight of what you owe, it might not just be your usage. If your heating system is in need of repair, or hasn’t had regular maintenance, it may be costing you more money than it should.  

New-Furnace-Install-Lake-HavasuIf your energy bills keep climbing each month without a significant change in usage, there may be an issue with your home heating system. Either the unit is working harder than it should, or there may be a leak in the system that is allowing heated air to escape. Getting a technician out to thoroughly inspect the system is the best way to identify the issue, and make a repair that could save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the season.

Loud noises

Having trouble hearing your TV over the sound of your furnace? It might be more troubling than you think.

Most heating systems and furnaces generate some noise as a part of warming your home. However, if you’ve noticed a significant change in the sound level generated by your furnace, that may be a sign of a more serious issue. Beyond being a nuisance and annoyance, a loud furnace could be an indicator of a mechanical failure. A repair might be necessary.

So, what should you look for when getting your furnace repaired?

Okay, you’ve decided enough is enough with the higher energy bills. It’s time to get your furnace repaired. Here’s what you should consider.

  • You want a qualified team: Focus on finding a company that offers certified technicians with training and qualifications for inspecting and repairing heating systems. Air Control’s technicians are not only NATE-certified to meet the highest expectations of excellence in the industry, but have BPI Building Analyst Training to help them inspect your home. Which is important, because…
  • You want the entire system inspected: Even if it’s just the furnace that’s gone kaput, you want technicians to look over the entire home heating system to check for other issues. When it comes to heating your home, it’s good to hire a company that is comprehensive and thorough in their investigations, so that you’re in-the-know about the process and what needs to happen to get things back up-and-running. Air Control does just that.
  • You want technicians who educate: Okay, obviously not in a back-to-school sense. It’s important that technicians cut through the industry jargon and help you understand exactly what the issue is, and how they plan to fix it. It’s your home, and Air Control wants you to be in-the-loop about what is going on. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the issue and what your options are.

How can I know I’m getting a good deal?

When you’re choosing a heating repair company, here are some things to look for:

  1. You want quality assurance: A good furnace repair company will not only employ the best technicians, but they’ll take pride in their work, and have the confidence to stand by it. Air Control offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our repairs. If your system encounters issues in the 30 days after we’ve applied a repair, we’ll send out a technician at no charge to make sure things are squared away.
  2. You want a warranty: Should something happen to your heating unit, it’s important to have the peace of mind that comes with a company standing by their work for the long haul. That’s why Air Control offers a one-year warranty to cover parts and labor on any repairs that we make. Ultimately, we care about getting your system back to where it needs to be.
  3. You want a company that honors you, the customer: Air Control is a family-owned company that lives, works, and breathes in Mohave County. We’re a part of the community, and we take our reputation very seriously. We treat customers like we would treat members of our own family, and our reviews and multiple awards for service reflect our commitment to you—the customer.

My furnace has gone out! What should I do?

You should strongly consider giving us a call. We service all makes and models, and we offer 24/7 emergency service, so you and your family are without heat for as little time as possible. Our certified technicians will make sure the job gets done efficiently and effectively, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My furnace has been acting strangely. What should I do?

You should consider a heat pump tune-up. This process not only allows a technician to check out your system and make sure it’s functioning like it should, but it also allows them to perform the kind of regular maintenance that will prolong the life of your furnace and make it less likely to break down in the coming year.

new-furnace-installs-air-controlHere are two other benefits to getting a tune-up:

  • The more efficient your system is, the more money you’ll save: Remember those high energy bills we talked about earlier? A tune-up can help to identify ways in which your system is costing you energy—and therefore money—every month.
  • The more effective your system is, the better it will heat your home: This goes without saying, but a better-running system is going to heat your home more effectively. However, what many people don’t consider is that a more effective system will also allow for better heat dispersion between rooms, heating your entire home instead of just one space.

How do I get in contact with Air Control?

If your home’s system is in need of repair, or you’re looking to schedule a tune-up to get it checked out, schedule service with us to get a free estimate. We’ll let you know what we can do to help you, and once you’ve hired us, our certified technicians will make sure the job gets done efficiently and effectively, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

New Furnace Installs – Do You Need to Hire a Pro?

Proper maintenance of your home furnace will certainly increase its durability, but no furnace will last forever. Sometimes new furnace installs are a better option than repairing old furnaces. Consider this – does your furnace run as effectively and efficiently as it used to? Has it already cost you a fortune due to frequent repairs? Are your monthly electricity bills too high, even when the outside temperature is pleasant?          

A healthy and comfortable home environment requires a safe and energy-efficient furnace. In order to ensure such an environment, it’s crucial to know when its the right time for a new furnace. Here are some common signs that show you need to start planning for a new furnace installation.

New furnace installs – when is the right time?

With the winter coming, it is important to check if you need a new furnace installed. A snowy, cold winter night is certainly not the right time for a major furnace repair or replacement. To prevent unpleasant surprises related to your heating system, it is always good to pay attention to these “warning signs”.

Speaking of new furnace installs, it is crucial to consider the temperature inside your home. Is the room temperature even in all areas of the house? Is the temperature keeping you and your family comfortable, or do you have to adjust it frequently? Are some rooms too hot, while others are too cold? If you feel that the temperature is different in some areas, it is time to contact a professional.


Rising energy costs are another sign that you should consider a new furnace installation. As heating systems lose their efficiency over the years, they don’t provide the same heat they did when they were new. This is especially true if the furnace has not been properly maintained. Instead of paying high monthly bills for energy, it is better to pay for a new, highly efficient, energy saving furnace, and look into professional furnace installs.

If your furnace makes weird, unusual noises, it is time to contact a pro and consider purchasing a new one. As most old furnaces start making strange noises, pay attention if you hear any squealing or banging sounds – if you notice these sounds, your furnace blower is running excessively.

Furthermore, if your furnace is over fifteen years old, you should consider replacing it within the next couple of years. As shopping for a furnace in times of emergency can be stressful, most people make such a purchase part of their planned home improvement. Having enough time to choose, compare and create a financial plan for buying a new furnace is always an advantage.

If a furnace is older than fifteen years, it most likely lacks the ability to clean and moisturize the air in the house. This results in the house air being stale or stuffy, and may trigger allergies in humans and drying plants. However, poor air quality can occur due to other reasons, beside an old furnace not being able to run properly. If you notice any of these signs, it is always important to consult an experienced professional.  

Furnace installation – DIY or call a pro

Furnace installation is not an easy job. Due to a few safety risks and energy efficiency matters, it is considered quite a responsible and challenging task. Even though furnace installs seem simple and easy when performed by professionals, they can be a tricky, complicated experience for amateurs.

Speaking of new furnace installs, safety is a priority. Unless you are a pro, chances are you haven’t been trained to handle heating equipment properly. If not installed and fastened correctly, your furnace can be placed improperly and get damaged, injuring you or your family in the process.  


Furthermore, if your furnace is not tested and fitted properly, the risk of leaks in the heating system will increase. If leaks occur, the hot air will get wasted, causing the furnace to work harder to warm up your home. This directly affects your energy bills and increases your monthly costs for electricity.

Do-it-yourself new furnace installs can not only cause injuries, but also cause a void in the warranty of the furnace. So, as much as you may feel confident about installing the furnace yourself, you would be better off if you ask a professional to do it. That way, you will avoid any unpleasant situations and will avoid putting your life at risk.

Benefits of working with a pro

When it comes to new furnace installs, hiring an experienced, licensed professional offers many benefits. With the house heating systems being so complex, having a pro to deal with installation issues is always a good idea. It means that instead of risking your own safety, you choose to leave the matter to a skillful team that has demonstrated knowledge and competence in countless occasions.


High quality performance

A skillful furnace technician has access to the most current products and techniques. This is especially true when furnace technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified. At Air Control Air Conditioning & Heating, we only hire NATE certified, highly qualified individuals. Each of our team members passes a stringent set of tests to prove their level of proficiency.

Prolonged durability

Experienced furnace professionals are knowledgeable in maintaining your heating system properly, and can easily access all of its parts. They are familiar with the detailed specification of the system, so they can set every component in an optimal way, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. When all components of the furnace are set optimally, your heating system will last longer and be more energy efficient.

Financial protection

When it comes to getting a pricey, complex new furnace, it is important to remember that only certified, licensed furnace contractors have bonding and insurance. This means that if something happens to the technicians while working on your new furnace, both you and your property will not be held responsible.

Valid warranty

In most cases, furnace manufacturers suggest hiring certified furnace contractors to perform new furnace installs or do particular work on a heating system. Professional furnace technicians will install the heating system precisely and properly, giving you a peace of mind.